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Paid Member List updated as of 9/11/20     * indicates a Sustaining Member

Bogan-Reohr, Buchler*, DeLony*, Donovan*, Hammond*, Kysel, Leeser*, Martin*, McReynolds, Murray*, Prettyman*, Rapacz*, Schindler*, Stifler*, Templeton*


Dues are payable to Baltimore Wellesley Club, at the following levels:

  • $40 Annual Sustaining Membership
  • $20 Regular Membership
  • $15 Classes 2010 - 2019
  • $10 Parent
  • Free for class of 2020

Many people have asked what the Sustaining Membership means. It is simply a higher level of annual dues. Although it is not documented in our records, legend has it that our regular dues level of $20 proved insufficient to support the activities the club wanted to do. The club did not want to simply raise the regular dues level, so a two-tiered membership was adopted. Sustaining membership is still an annual membership, and provides extra funding to allow us to serve you better.

Members can either use the form below to pay their dues online or if you prefer, mail a check payable to the Baltimore Wellesley Club to Vicki Buchler ’11, 8314 Winter Wind Court, Ellicott City, MD 21043.  Please include your name, class year, email address, home address and phone number.