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From the President

Greetings WCAB Members! If you are new to the Boston area, welcome! 

Hello WCAB members, old and new!

I'm looking forward to my new role as the Wellesley College Alumnae of Boston President, and getting the opportunity to meet many more of you! I've spent much of the past ten years as co-chair of the Admissions committee and our local AAR, and am looking forward to this new adventure!

I have big shoes to fill - over the past few years, the club has been under the helm of the wonderful Caroline Bodager ‘14, who is fortunately for all of us staying on the board (huzzah!) Thank you, Caroline, for demonstrating Sed Min every day.

About WCAB: Now, and the Future

WCAB is one of the oldest and largest clubs – we've been around since 1891, with over 5000 alums in our local area, and we're lucky to live right on the doorstep of the mothership. (If you haven't heard yet, campus *is* now open to alums for outdoor access.)

With a rich history, our mission is to bring together and support alums with a range of backgrounds and interests. It's also my personal mission to continue to expand our programming to serve the interests and needs of our whole community, both in providing programming that brings us together, helps us learn and grow, and gives us all opportunities to give back to both the college community and each other.

Historically, we've put on a wide range of programming, ranging from faculty lectures to book club, potlucks, shared meals, movie nights, volunteer opportunities including at the Boston Marathon, Cradles to Crayons, Community Servings, and more. We’ve hosted museum and architectural tours, skating on the Frog Pond, skill share events of all kinds. Our yearly holiday party is always a favorite! We've expanded programming with SIGs (special interest groups) and clubs across the country, including programming with the Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative, and WAPA (Wellesley Alum Pride Alliance).

In our pandemic year, although we had to shift from nearly an event in person every week, to a world almost exclusively on zoom - we learned that virtual events bring many more people together who otherwise may not be able to meet in person, and were thrilled to see so many of you come together at our events. Some of the standout new virtual events last year included our very popular Museum of Fine Arts private lectures, thanks to alum Becca Sher, and the Power of the Wellesley Network - A Conversation with Charlotte Hayes ’75, led by the WCAB career exchange co-leaders Connie Truong and Stephanie Haessler. 

In the coming years, while I'm hoping that we'll get to do significantly more in person, I'm also excited that we'll be continuing our virtual programming to continue to bring people together!

A Time of Transition

Some upcoming changes: this coming year will be one of some transition. The club will formally be absorbed back into the WCAA, but we'll continue to provide our robust programming, and aside from some logistics, not much will change! One notable difference is that we'll stop collecting club dues - it is my hope that you’ll consider re-directing your generosity to the Wellesley Fund. 

The Wellesley admissions program has also shifted significantly, we will no longer be doing alumnae interviews, staffing college fairs, or offering book awards. While this poses a significant change for WCAB, on the whole these changes are in the right direction for the college. It is my hope, that if you’ve volunteered for any of these activities in the past, we can find a new opportunity for you to get involved with the club. 

How you can get involved:

Of course you are invited to attend any and all of our programming during the year – our e-Blasts go out the 1st and the 15th of each month with our upcoming events. We’d also *love* to hear ideas for programming. Have an idea? Let us know, and we’ll work to make it happen!

Volunteer opportunities: we also look forward to getting you involved in as tiny or as encompassing a role as you'd like! If you have one hour or many, please do reach out to us at, or feel free to email me personally at 

A note about the board – joining the board is a great way to get involved. We meet once a month (at the moment virtually), and have a range of positions - if you don't see one you like, we'll make you one!

Connect with me: I’d love to connect with you personally. Please don’t hesitate to send an email to say hello, or with questions. I’m also always available to hop on Zoom to connect. 

PS: you should know that I spent three full years living in Dower House, first year, a bonus, and then as RA, and would have made it four in a row, had the pleasure not put me at the top of the housing lottery, so my senior year was in a turret on a hall full of my friends in Shafer. I will always be a Dower "Duck". I'm also currently Co-president of the RED class of 2008, and serve as a Wellesley fund rep. In my day to day, I run a digital health company that serves large organizations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, health insurers, and healthcare providers. 


Sam Tackeff

Wellesley ‘08