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Sam Tackeff - 2008 - President 

I started volunteering for WCAB a little over seven years ago after having moved back from a stint in the Bay Area. Truthfully, the catalyst to volunteer was not quite knowing what to do with my life at the time. Volunteering for a Wellesley cause seemed like it would point me in *a* good direction even if I didn't know what direction I wanted to go. (This is my one of my favorite strategies for when I feel aimless!) 
Over my years volunteering for the club, my role has evolved – coordinating off-campus admissions led to becoming co-chair of the admissions committee: we oversee interviews, college fairs, the yield events, letter writing, and book awards – which is to say that every month is a new adventure, and it has been a great touch point for meeting lots of people! 
A nice thing is that as an introvert – one of the reasons that I've really enjoyed volunteering for WCAB is that there are both amazing in-person events for people who need and crave humans, and *plenty* of things to do for the rest of us who prefer staying at home with our dogs and just getting things done– there are endless volunteer opportunities that will fit your needs! 

Quiana Agbai - 2002 - Vice President

When I returned to Boston in 2016 after a nearly 10 year hiatus one of the first things I did was find ways to reconnect with Wellesley. I quickly updated my contact information with the College, but wanted to find a way to meet fellow alums. I recalled being a dues paying member of the New York Wellesley Club soon after my move there several years prior and how it helped me establish a network. I found WCAB on social media before signing up as a dues paying member. This decision was important to me as I was in a new life stage since I had last lived in Boston with 2 small children in tow as well in a different career path, having left a corporate environment years prior. I consider my WCAB membership to be a gift to my self: I'm more likely to attend the high quality, well-curated events as a dues paying member, and it gives me a chance to have in-person connection with fellow alums, something that I often miss in daily life. I highly recommend becoming a dues paying WCAB member especially if you're an alum returning to the Boston area - it's an investment in yourself! 


Nina Pang - 1998 - Programming Chair 

I am so glad that I became a member of WCAB, because the events are super fun, well-organized, and provide an intimate venue for local alums to re-engage with the Wellesley community.  At these events, I meet amazing women of diverse background, interests and phases of life and feel an immediate sense of openness/connection within minutes of chatting.  Everyone is quick to share in their experiences at Wellesley and life in general.  It definitely brings back fond memories and that Wellesley connection that I was looking for, even though it's been more than 20 years since I graduated.  I have been active on various Wellesley groups on Facebook, but the face-to-face engagement at these WCAB events is so much more interactive and lively. I also love that I never know who I might meet at these events and what we might talk about - it's been a delightful surprise!  I am glad that I took this step to become a member.  I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier!

Carine Tarazi - 2003 - E-Blast Coordinator

I can't remember who suggested that I go to Wellesley for career change advice two years ago, but when I showed up, I found that what was formerly the Center for Work and Service had morphed into an amazing department with a couple of counselors for every field. I met with excellent advisors and one looked up the WCAB, recommending that I volunteer as a way to be active in the community. Before I started compiling the eblasts, I didn't know that the WCAB had so many meals, activities, tours, and volunteer opportunities going on - and the energy has really picked up in recent months! I didn't expect to find such connections years after attending Wellesley, so the WCAB has been a wonderful discovery.



Kelsey Heroux - 2014 - Admissions Chair

Kelsey Heroux is a proud Wellesley alum living in Davis Square and working in higher education. She loves chai lattes from Revival Cafe, making overly detailed vacation maps, and binge reading female detective novels.






Rebecca Sher - 2000 - New Admissions Chair

I became a member in 2017 when I moved to Brookline and got involved with our alumni group leadership in 2020 as Communications Co-Chair. There’s nothing like a pandemic to bring an alum “back to her roots.” I knew I wanted to be more involved with Wellesley, in general and the awesome alums, in particular.

It’s been wonderful and energizing working with our WCAB Board, brainstorming, planning and participating in events. These past couple years were especially interesting because we needed to find new ways to keep members of our community connected due to lockdown. We found success with a number of Zoom events and workshops which helped all of us to learn, grow and connect. So grateful for this alliance with an inspiring group of Wellesley Women!


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