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History of the Lifeline Fund, the Continuing Education & Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program

History of the Lifeline Fund, the Continuing Education & Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program


These are the highlights, milestones, and histories of both the Continuing Education and Davis Scholar programs. This historical endeavor was compiled in June 2011, in anticipation of the Continuing Education's 40th anniversary and the Elizabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program's 20th anniversary.

In June 2011, CE/DS Alumnae and, then current, Davis scholars compiled our class history and presented this booklet to the community as the Continuing Education program celebrated its 40th anniversary and the Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program celebrated its 20th anniversary. The History Project Committee members researched highlights and milestones of the program, solicited classmates' memories and vignettes about our class members journeys and experiences toward their Wellesley degree.They also asked members of the faculty, administration, and staff to comment and share reminiscences of their experiences with CE/DS students. Much applause for their endeavor!


Beverly Foster '76, Elsie Dorain '77, Barbara Hogan '77, Jill Stoff '85,

Bonnie McCarthy '86, Cathryn Griffith '88, Sasha Nyary '88,

Chris Siscoe '88, Inger Nielsen '92, Claire Shaw '96, Susan Hall '09

Estelle Olson '11, Maki Kato '11, Eriko Houlette '13

The resulting history will permanently be posted the CE/DS Class Website and stored in the college's archives. As the CE/DS History Project was intended to be ongoing, we urge class members to keep their directory information current.
We also encourage members to continue connecting with one another through various means, such as Mini Reunions, annual gatherings at the CE House, Book Clubs, Trips, Holiday gatherings, etc.. For posterity, the CEDS Class Alumnae Board would love to share recollections and photographs on the class website.  Please, send your photos, so we may upload them onto the website.

The Story of the CE/DS - Part I 

The Lifeline Fund ---- a short history 

1960's &1970's