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Presidents Message

Greetings CE/DS Class; 

We are so excited to have a full CE/DS Alumnae Executive Board! From our special election in November of 2021, one CE/DS member were selected for the role of Vice President, and two were selected to fill the role(s) of Student Liaison, as Co-Representatives. The following class volunteers will lead the class through the next five years, until our 55th Reunion in 2025, also Wellesley's sesquicentennial (150th) year.


President -  Linda Kosinski, DS '16 -

Vice President - Susan Mendrala DS'14 -

Treasurer -  Alyssa Baringer, DS '13 -

Secretary -  Jessica Allan (Schmidt), DS '15 -

Student Liaison Co-Representative - Ramona Smucker DS '21 -

Student Liaison Co-Representative - Ruth Wittenberg DS '20 -

We are looking forward to the next five years with appreciation and a hope of uniting the CE/DS Class through programs and gatherings.Additional volunteers are always welcome.

If you would like to present a webinar, seminar, or talk, or are an artist with an upcoming showing and want to invite your CE/DS classmates, please connect with us.

Do you have a favorite park, or historical site you would like to visit as a group?  Would you like to gather together for coffee, drinks, or an outing, reuniting with your college friends and their family?  We'd love to meet up.

Would you like the current Davis Scholars to know something you wish you knew as a student, reach out to our Student Liaison Representatives, Ruth and/or Ramona.  

We encourage you to attend a class mini-reunions, or a gathering. Let's reconnect, revisit, and continue to learn!

Best Wishes,

Linda Kosinski DS '15/16, CE/DS Alumnae Class President




A One Year memorial Fund for Melinda Rios has been created.

For those who wish to donate the name of the fund is: The Melinda Consuela Rios, DS'10 Wellesley Fund Scholars Gift. 

The simplest way to make a gift to this Fund is to choose OTHER as the Designation and note of the name of the fund in the designation box below "Other" on our giving page.   (See the picture below)


CE/DS Website and Facebook Groups:

Stay tuned for Events coming up ~ Other Alumnae News ~ Check out our History Page

If you have Facebook, join our Facebook group. It's private!  The Main Facebook Group for CE/DS Alumnae is:

The following FACEBOOK Group is for prospective Davis Scholars - Current Davis Scholars - CE/DS Alumnae. We keep this Facebook group to foster communication between both students and alumnae. There are times the students would love to have advice from the alumnae. However, please check the latter group as this is where most of the CE/DS Alumnae information will be added.