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Virtual Wine Tasting & Chat

Join your fellow Wellesley siblings for a Virtual Wine Tasting led by our own Ahmie-Woma Farkas.

Date: June 25, 2021
Time: 7:30PM ET / 4:30P PT

Ahmie-Woma is a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard and believes that food and wine are meant to be enjoyed together. She will guide us through the science behind food and wine pairing based on the unique characteristics of the wine and the food, as well as how those characteristics work together to create the perfect balance on your palate.

Through this evening together Ahmie-Woma will introduce you to three wines in a guided tasting - and will give you some wine tips and tricks as well.

In addition to the wines, there is a list of small food items that we ask you have on hand as you walk through the pairings with the wines.

Those small food items will be detailed in the RSVP confirmation email. There will be three options available to you to participate in this unique experience:

  • Option 1- order the wines being used in the Virtual Tasting from the link provided in the RSVP confirmation email (Please allow 10 business days buffer period for the order to be placed and shipped to you. For this event, submit your order by June 11 using the link in your RSVP confirmation email.)
  • Option 2 - use your own wine during the tastings. Make sure to have a
    • Dry white (We are using a Vetiliner)
    • a bold Red (We are using a Malbec blend)
    • Our sweet is a fizzy red rose. There’s no substitute so grab something sweet with fizz you like!
  • Option 3 - don’t like wine? Participate anyway and drink and eat what you like, but spend time with your Wellesley Siblings!

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