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President's Message

Welcome to the Chicago Wellesley Club website! I am honored to serve as the incoming President for the 2020-2022 term. As the 69th president since our founding in 1891, I am in awe of, and attribute our Club’s longevity and vision to, the many remarkable women before me.  

Taking the helm during these challenging times at first seemed like a daunting undertaking. Upon further reflection though, I realized that since our founding, we have faced world wars, other pandemics, riots and the Great Depression and through it all, Wellesley Women survived and thrived and we will continue to do so during these uncertain times.

Our volunteer Board of Directors is tasked with leading the Club in its mission to connect Wellesley alumnae with one another and the College. This is accomplished through a wide range of geographically diverse programs and activities such as book and supper clubs, community service events, presentations by alumnae and Wellesley professors, assisting with College admissions, meet ups at happy hours as well as cultural venues and of course our annual Holiday Tea.  

While currently, our events are all virtual (and free to participants) via Zoom, we can optimistically assume that sooner or later, we will be back to some kind of normalcy with in-person events.  As such, I’d like to make the case for becoming a dues-paid member or renewing your paid membership, as annual dues support our Club’s infrastructure and make our mostly free events possible. If you’re so inclined, you can pay your dues by clicking HERE, thank you very much! Should you prefer to pay via check, we will be providing an address in forthcoming communications later in the summer.

Other opportunities to support the Club financially include our Scholarship Fund, established in 1939, and general club donations, both of which can be accessed by clicking HERE. Our Book Award program is currently in hiatus as we need a volunteer to run the program. We have other volunteer positions available as well, at both the Board and Committee level. You will be hearing from us further about this but meanwhile, don’t be a stranger! If you’re interested in volunteering or have a suggestion for a future program, please contact me at or log in to our website, look at the current list of board members and contact someone you know. We would be delighted to hear from you!

All my best,

Dianne Goren Radtke ‘75
CWC President, 2020-2022