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March 2020



Dear Classmates,

I hope you enjoyed the latest issue of  Scarlet Letters, number 16 this time, and found it specially welcome as many of us were sheltering in place.

Sadly, this summer’s Chautauqua season, including our August mini-reunion, has been cancelled. On the brighter side, the bleakness of the pandemic has been eased for many of us by hearing from friends and family more often than usual. Occasionally, in order to participate in group activities, we’ve had to raise our computer skills, particularly by getting acquainted with “Zoom”.

Zoom is an “App” that costs nothing. Adding it to your computer/tablet/smart phone is truly easy, so long as you’re able to google “”. Although neither Annsie Svensson McAdams nor I can be considered a computer whiz, Annsie had the idea that the Class of ’56 could gather virtually in small “teas”. Think of them as mini-reunions that require no hostess, no dressing up, absolutely no travel, and very little planning.

In April, we sent email to the entire class, inviting everyone to sign up for a Zoom tea. (Regrettably, if you don’t use email, it would be difficult to use Zoom.) So far, we’ve had four "teas."  They’re randomly assembled, small-group events, to encourage the kind of conversations we would have at a real tea. You can see the screen shots of these calls on the News Page of this website.

If this idea appeals to you, but you’re uncertain about the details, please contact Annsie or me. If you’ve already participated in a Zoom tea and would like to do so again, with another mix of classmates, let us know.

While savoring communications in Scarlet Letters, the Wellesley Magazine Class Notes, or the Class Website (which especially welcomes photos), keep in mind that every ’56-er is encouraged to provide content. What you do is definitely interesting to the rest of us!


Sally        (;  617-455-8339)