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In Memoriam

We have been able to link several of the more recent deaths with obituaries published elsewhere. Click on the underlined names.

  • Myra ABRAMS
  • Janet ADAMS Fearon
  • Betsy ANDERSON Fitzgerald
  • Jane ANDREWS Aiken
  • Renate BAESSLER
  • Judy BALLARD McDonald
  • Andrea BERGER Kalodner
  • Marcia BLACK Holder
  • Christiane BLOHM
  • Caroline (Caren) BREESE Hall
  • Mary Ann BURNSIDE Deaton
  • Margaret CHILDS Hermann
  • Ann COLMAN Jankey
  • Patricia COOKE Hertel
  • Susana COX Fousekis
  • Rosemary DALY Flibbert
  • Cynthia DAVIDSON Lee
  • Gwenn DAVIS
  • Libby DAVIS Shanefeld
  • Lida DAWSON Price
  • Anne DELANO Donahue-Lampman
  • Roberta Ann DUNBAR
  • Shayne DUNN Melrose
  • Barbara EDELSTEIN Goldstein
  • Elisabeth H. ENGELBACH
  • Frances FITZ-GERALD
  • Patricia GILLISPIE Skernolis
  • Helga GUNDERSEN Rikheim
  • Nancy HORTON Bach
  • Judith HUGGINS Balfe
  • Judith JEKEL Cienfuegos
  • Stephanie JONES Flemming
  • Mary LEFF Mackintosh
  • Karen LINDSLEY
  • Susan E. LONG
  • Joan LOOMIS Hastings
  • Frederica LORD Fildes
  • Barbara LOW Davies
  • Judith LOXLEY Lyte
  • Miggie MALLORY Clifford
  • Karen MAURER Theobald
  • Gwynne MCGUIRE Irving
  • Arlyn MINER Edelman
  • Anne MOFFATT Fagley
  • Marcia MONROE Conery
  • Kathleen MOORE Vick
  • Louise MUIR Newberry
  • Nancy NICHOLS Brooke
  • Sally O'BRIEN
  • Angela PETCHEK de Brouville
  • Gail PERRIN
  • Dalene POWERS McNeely
  • Mary PRENTICE Valentine
  • Janet PUTNAM Kolehmainen
  • Katharine REED King
  • Bjorg REKSTEN Myhre
  • Mary ROSS
  • Margaret ROTHWELL Klein
  • Sandra SABIN Rhodes
  • Mona SALYER Lambird
  • Linda SANDERS Alger
  • Molly SANDERSON Campbell
  • Priscilla SEABURY Albright
  • Evelyn SHAKIR
  • Elizabeth SNODGRASS Smoley
  • D. Alice STEWART Trillin
  • Alison STONE Kennedy
  • Essie STRIPLING Burnworth
  • Nitaya SUTABUTRA Masavisut
  • Carol THOMAE Barrett
  • Franca TRINCHIERI Camiz
  • Frances TURMAN Tidey
  • Patricia WALKER Jacobs
  • Suzanne WEBER Frech
  • Marilyn WEED Aycock
  • Astrid Witchi-Bernz
  • Joan WIEN
  • Deborah YOHALEM Wadsworth