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Dear 1960 Sisters,

As we emerge, mostly unscathed, from our covid cocoons, we can look back on a year full of welcome communion with our classmates.  We held the well- attended and received Hawaiian mini in February. We held at least six dorm minis, with Freeman continuing to meet monthly. Our thanks to all the classmates who acted as leaders and facilitators.  Redglow, which connects more than 135 of us, transitioned to Redglow2 under the expert supervision of Margot Tutun.  Andrea Dupree plumbed the mysteries of our website and actually made it more accessible and useful. Vicki and Peggy sent out six eblasts, and we even managed one snail mail letter. 

Junia Hedberg and Peggy Cohn reactivated our written word communication skills by challenging us to commit to paper the reasons we chose Wellesley as our college and the challenges of our adjustment there. The resulting publication, “Our Wellesley Memories,”made for entertaining reading during our days of quarantine. Class Secretary Margie Arons- Barron writes our column for the Alumnae Magazine, and she and Junia also faithfully write condolence notes to the families of our deceased classmates.  And we can’t forget the thank you notes written by our class development officers, Missy Rives Moore and Mari Wright for every contribution received.

Other classmates used Zoom to meet virtually face to face.  Your executive board members have held six meetings since their election in June 2020. During the months of April and May, Susan Auchincloss and Dobree Adams led a weekly class gathering on the difficult subject of “Death and Dying”. They could have called it “Re-connecting and Renewal” from the reactions of classmates who attended.  

Dobree and Susan, with the help of Margie,  are now putting together our 2021 class memorial service.  Please join us there.  --Patsy and Vicki


First, Peggy, Judy and I want to thank all of you who joined us for our virtual Hawaii mini earlier this year.  And, of course, a big thanks to Vicki for being our “hostess” to her beautiful island home.  Everyone who responded to the evaluation form (a little more than half of the


attendees) really enjoyed the day; especially being able to go to such a lovely spot in the middle of February! The variety of presentations was much appreciated by all; and everyone seemed quite comfortable with the Zoom format. The leis were a nice special surprise, although some arrived too late for the actual event due to weather conditions here on the mainland.

Some felt the day was too long to be spent in front of a computer, but that was offset by the joy of being able to visit and chat with classmates in the breakout sessions. Those were a real treat!!

Most everyone would like us to do something like this in the future. Of course, an in-person mini is preferable, and we hope to be able to do that sometime in 2023.

Thanks again for making a February Saturday so special--Liz


The Class of 1960 was outstanding in its giving last year. If you haven’t already, please consider a gift before the end of this fiscal year, June 30th. And, of course, all or part of your gift may be designated for The Class of 1960 Endowed Legacy Fund, supporting Wellesley’s engineering Lab. --Mari & Missy


1960 Class Officers 2020-2025: Presidents Patsy Fogarty and Vicki Fay; Vice Presidents Peggy Cohn and Liz Karet; Secretaries Margie Arons-Barron and Junia Hedberg; Treasurer Judy Lasca; Wellesley Fund Representatives Missy Moore and Mari Wright; Chair of Planned Giving, Mary Ascot, Past President Margot Topkins Tutun. Class website:

Happy New Year, Classmates!  

We send you very best wishes for 2021. No doubt your holidays were relatively  subdued, but we hope you and yours all emerged with no signs of COVID.  If you did have any adventures you wish to share, please send them to Margie at

--Patsy and Vicki

Here`s the latest from 1960:


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“Brunch” (Noon, EST; 11 AM, CST; 9 AM PST; 7 AM, Hawaiian Time) Welcome and Orientation to “Mini” components (15 minutes)

Breakout for “catch up” in up to 10-person groups (45 minutes)

3 Webinars (45 minutes each)

Science: Volcanoes and Stars, Dr. Andrea Dupree -1 PM EST

Art: Georgia O’Keeffe in Hawaii, Dr. Rebecca Bedell, Head of Wellesley Art Dept. -2 PM EST

History: "How to Overthrow A Government,” a documentary introduced by Vicki Fay -3 PM EST

Evening/afternoon: socializing -6:30-8:00 PM EST

Hula Lesson by Hawaii resident Ashley Morris Biddle ’08. Breakout conversation hour in small groups -- And A Mai Tai all around

INVITATION RESPONSE: to Peggy Cohn (peggycohn38@gmail.comby
January 31. Log-in Info will be posted on our website and in February E-Blast. Check our website now for more info.

Additionally We have a lovely surprise if you would like to purchase it to help celebrate our upcoming Hawaiian mini. The cost is only $45 and you can send a check to Judy Lasca, Treasurer '60, 2510 E. Newton Ave., Shorewood WI 53211 (please include your address, email & phone number). Or you can also pay by Bluesnap on our website. Go to and click on ALOHA HAWAII! If you wish to make this purchase, please place your order no later than January 31, 2021, in order to ensure that your surprise arrives in time for our party. Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase the insignia. Hope to see all of you there!!"

A hui hou! (‘Til we meet again”) - Liz and Peggy


Dorm reunions have started!

Freeman and Caz have had meetings that participants really enjoyed. Beebe, hosted by Susan Hand Talbot and Joan Browstein Leibovich, is scheduled for March 15. 

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Plans are underway for Shafer and Munger. We need volunteers to host/organize others.; We have a couple of volunteers to assist for Pom and Bates, but we are looking for more help. Dates/topics for these minis are completely up to the hosts, so step up ladies and help us out. Email Toni Schoolman Allen and Barb McAdam Muller to volunteer.

--Toni and Barb


COME AND GET 'EM. We have only about 25 copies of WELLESLEY MEMORIES left to sell. For fifteen dollars ($15.00) You will get a freshly printed copy of memories from 61 of your classmates. PRICELESS!
Drop a note to Peggy Cohn 70 Weaver Dairy Road #110 Chapel Hill NC27514, with a check and your address and she will pop it in the mail to you.

--Peggy and Junia


Success! Redglow2 is up and running on Google.


Adaptability is the key to survival, according to Darwin, and 1960 is no exception. Please encourage any classmates who might—after 40 years!—be considering joining Redglow2 to get in touch with me, or 781-820-9734. All are welcome.

Let’s hope for many more years of good communication.


Our class Legacy Fund supports Wellesley’s new engineering program. Not everyone will remember that when we first decided to undertake this project, we hoped we could raise $100,000 (the minimum the College would accept to establish a named fund). Together, we actually put in a little over $200,000 out of our own pockets. Then about 5 years later we had a matching grant for $50,000.

The Fund is already worth over $280,000. It has grown that much just from having been wisely invested.

It now pays out over $12,000 each year in support of this innovative hands-on engineering program, developed at Wellesley and already of interest to other colleges.

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This past spring, Amy Banzaert, the professor who accomplished this, was awarded the Pinanski Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

We think our Legacy Fund is one reason we of the Class of 1960 can be very proud of what we have done together.

-- Mari & Missy


1960 Class Officers 2020-2025: Presidents Patsy Fogarty and Vicki Fay; Vice Presidents Peggy Cohn and Liz Karet; Secretaries Margie Arons-Barron and Junia Hedberg; Treasurer Judy Lasca; Wellesley Fund Representatives Missy Moore and Mari Wright; Chair of Planned Giving, Mary Ascot, Past President Margot Topkins Tutun. Class website:

Hawaiian Mini-Reunion Recordings Now Available!

We have uploaded recordings of our Hawaiian Mini-Reunion for those who could not make it or would like to revisit our fantastic presentations! Click here to view a recording of the events. Please note: You will need to log in with your MyWellesley login username and password. If you do not know your MyWellesley login information or need help resetting/recovering it, please visit the reset site. For more information on your MyWellesley login, please visit this informational page

Our Wellesley Memories are here!

Edited by Junia Gratiot Hedbeg and Peggy Decker Cohn with Graphics by Anne Flynt Solley.

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