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Dear Sisters,

Your class officers met on April 24 with some special guests on our agenda: Kathryn Mackintosh, Executive Director of the WCAA and Emily Carey Rigdon, Volunteer Coordinator. We had invited them to help us better understand the planned (now finalized) merger between the College and the WCAA. And we were kinda sorta hoping that the subject of our 65 th reunion might just happen to come up. (See report from Reunion Co-chair Margot below.)

Kathryn explained that the merger would benefit alumnae by eliminating duplicate expenses like audit services, making them available for other services to alumnae. And reporting directly to President Johnson would allow for better alignment and coordination across departments like Communications, Development, the Centers for Women, and various program projects.

--Patsy and Vicki


Reunion 2025, our 65th –think of it!—is foremost in our thoughts. We co-chairs, Nancy and I, have been preparing for the event as much as possible. After extensive querying of past and present chairs, members and officers of the Alumnae, and officers of other classes, we have concluded that the Wellesley reunion this year for 4 and 9 classes has been a difficult affair, largely due to
building renovations on campus creating the need to use many off campus venues for meetings, dinners, and lodging.

We hope for better in 2025 as we have told the College. Recently at a Zoom meeting with the Executive Director of the Alumnae Association and another professional from the Alumnae office, we made this abundantly clear. We emphasized that we would prefer on-campus lodging and meeting and stressed the fact that we are growing older, and not quite in the same physical shape as we were 65 years ago. We emphasized that we had no wish to deal with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on and off busses with a myriad of strange places to gather when we would rather be on our beautiful, green-treed, lakeside campus, so dear to memory, among our friends of old.

What the College has in store for us as regards the above is yet to be revealed  but we want you, our classmates, to know we are working on it.
-- Margot




My granddaughter Grace Westmoreland will be attending Wellesley and playing on their soccer team. She will be a STEM student and had a nice conversation with Amy Banzaert a few weeks ago.




“I’m very happy to announce that my sons have endowed a professorship in my name. It will be called the Diane Silvers Ravitch ‘60 Chair in Education and the Common Good. It is my hope that the chair will defend public responsibility for public education and support the importance of high-quality teacher preparation.

It was announced at Commencement this year that the chair has been awarded to Dr. Soo Hong, a professor in the Education Department.

Over the past decade, I sponsored an annual lecture series (the Ravitch Education Lecture) at which truly outstanding writers and activists have spoken about the crucial education issues of our day. I’m excited that the speaker in April 2025 will be Dr. Azar Nafisi, the Iranian woman who wrote “Reading Lolita in Teheran” and other books about how literature changes our lives.

Also, over the past two years. I have written a memoir, which includes a chapter about how Wellesley changed my life. I am looking for a publisher at this moment. “



(πŸ’°Your donation, of any size, helps Wellesley thrive. And remember when making your gift to Wellesley, you can always direct that some or all should go to The Class of 1960 Legacy Fund. Donations received by June 30 are credited this fiscal year.)


1960 Class Officers 2020-2025:

Presidents Patsy Fogarty and Vicki Fay; Vice Presidents Peggy Cohn and Liz Karet; Secretaries Margie Arons- Barron and Junia Hedberg; Reunion Treasurer Judy Lasca; Wellesley Fund Representatives Missy Moore and Mari Wright, Reunion Co-chairs Margot Tutun and Nancy Colodny




Dear Sisters,

’60 is Red
Wellesley is Blue
It’s Valentine time
And we love you!

πŸ’• Patsy, Vicki,
and all your Class



Please join us for this very special event

Amy Banzaert
Senior Lecturer in Engineering; Director of
Engineering Studies

Amy Banzaert is Wellesley's Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Founding Director of Engineering Studies and the Wellesley Engineering Lab (We-Lab). She will discuss the state of Engineering Studies at Wellesley, including student outcomes, pedagogical approaches, and facilities improvements. The Class of 1960 Legacy Fund has been instrumental in this work: Amy will speak to the impact of that support and a vision for the future of Engineering Studies at Wellesley.


In 2010 when Junia Gratiot Hedburg was winding up her term as class president,
she established a Class Fund to support international outreach from Wellesley. Incoming president Missy Rives Moore, who had recently retired from managing a college endowment fund, suggested that we expand Junia's idea into a Class of 1960 Endowed Fund. Other officers of 1960 (including Junia who, as past-president, often met with them) agreed.

At Wellesley a named fund can be managed within the overall endowment if it is valued at a certain minimum -- at that time, $100,000. We decided to start raising the money, though at the time it seemed like a daunting figure. By our next Reunion in 2015 our class had enthusiastically reached the required amount.
Next step was to choose how our fund's income would be spent. The College offered us several choices, programs we could help to sponsor. In 2013 a vibrant new project, the WE Lab, had launched. Amy Banzaart came from MIT to develop a class introducing engineering principles applied with a liberal arts overview and an international outreach component.

Dr. Banzaart's class has been profoundly successful at Wellesley. She has been lauded for her skill at incorporating engineering into the curriculum and for her excellence as a teacher and mentor. The Class of 1960 has been instrumental in supporting the WE Lab from its early years.

--MARI WRIGHT. Wellesley Fund Representative for 1960

πŸ’° (please remember when making your gift to Wellesley, you can always direct that some or all should go to The Class of 1960 Legacy Fund.)

1960 Class Officers 2020-2025: Presidents Patsy Fogarty and Vicki Fay; Vice Presidents Peggy Cohn and Liz Karet; Secretaries Margie Arons-Barron and Junia Hedberg; ReunionTreasurer Judy Lasca; Wellesley Fund Representatives Missy Moore and Mari Wright, Reunion Co-chairs Margot Tutun and Nancy Colodny


Greetings, ’60 Sisters!

Whatever the challenges, 1960 finds ways to connect.  We hope you enjoy this roundup of recent gatherngs.  If you’ve been part of one yourself, please send your news to Margie or Vicki

And it’s summertime—hope your livin’ is easy.

--Patsy and Vicki

Joan Hunsberger Bromage, Anne Flynt Solley, Liz Montgomery Thomas, Becky Whittlesey Brace

We had a wonderful lunch today (May 24) at the Waterfront Restaurant in Camden. The food was very good and I’m surprised we even finished lunch since we talked constantly. What a great little catch-up, and we plan to do this again—Becky

Marilyn Claster Nissenson, Linda Salzman Gottlieb, Susan Krieger Jonas, Patsy Elliott Fogarty  

While Mainer Patsy was “down south” in June, she met  in NYC with with some  of her BFF’s.

Alice Ginsburg Padwe and Vicki Garriques Fay lunching in Honolulu

Alice has visited Hawaii a number of times since her son began teaching at the University of Hawaii.

Joan Brownstein Leibovich and Andrea Kundsin Dupree on June 18th

“We’re on the banks of the Charles for our Sunday walk when Memorial Drive is closed to traffic!... Margie Arons-Barron frequently joins us but couldn't this time.”  --Andrea

And there’s always Zoom…

Peggy Decker Cohn writes,”Claflin held a zoom meeting last month with a half -dozen attendees. This seems to be a great way to keep in touch.  Barb Schowen emceed.  Will meet again in September probably.”

* * * * *

πŸ’°Wellesley’s business year ends June 30th.  This is a great month to make a donation.

* * * * *

1960 Class Officers 2020-2025: Presidents Patsy Fogarty and Vicki Fay; Vice Presidents Peggy Cohn and Liz Karet; Secretaries Margie Arons-Barron and Junia Hedberg; Treasurer Judy Lasca; Wellesley Fund Representatives Missy Moore and Mari Wright, Reunion Co-chairs Margot Topkins Tutun and Nancy

What's New in the Sky?

Andrea Dupree '60 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics presents:

What's New in the Sky?

Highlights of recent discoveries in astronomy…results from the James Webb Telescope, nudging an asteroid with DART,
the crazy behavior of Betelgeuse 
and other wonders…

View the recording here.