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In Memoriam--Classmate Deaths Since 1/1/2020

In Memoriam--Classmate Deaths Since 1/1/2020

 View the list of all deceased classmates.

Date of Death   Name   College Last Name
12/9/2023   Helene Ray Stone   Ray
11/28/2023   Louise Bokum Weber   Bokum
11/4/2023   Myra Katzen Levenson   Katzen
10/21/2023   Naomi Reed Kline   Reed
Unknown   Karen Toeplitz Colby   Toeplitz
8/21/2023   Elizabeth Beddoe Littleton   Beddoe
8/3/2023   Deborah Palmer Redfearn   Palmer
6/8/2023   Barbara Guss Cohen   Guss
5/20/2023   Anne Lonabaugh Kelloway   Lonabaugh
2/24/2023   Mary Jemail   Jemail
2/15/2023   Helen Laird Robertson   Laird
1/30/2023   Anita Eerdmans Schwarz   Eerdmans
10/17/2022   Jean Mitchell Taylor   Mitchell
9/1/2022   Lynn Dawson Shay   Dawson
8/19/2022   Emilie Doring Macikic   Doring
8/7/2022   Ann Maddox   Maddox
7/29/2022   Catherine Langston Bergel   Langston
6/23/2022   Joan Whitney Hollister   Whitney
6/11/2022   Loretta Anne Rogers   Robinson
2/28/2022   Judith Sheehan Dawson   Sheehan
2/23/2022   Doris "Dotty" Sparks de Blanc   Sparks
1/18/2022   Patricia Cline Holmes   Cline
1/17/2022   Katherine Kitch Hagerman   Kitch
12/12/2021   Lynn K. Goldfarb   Kraemer
6/18/2021   Joan W. Ullyot   Lamb
5/18/2021   Karen Ida Peterson   Peterson
3/19/2021   Ellen Bienstock   Raab
12/9/2020   Beth Arnold   Randall
11/24/2020   Mary Anne S. Craft   Snavely
9/26/2020   Carol J. Monchick   Jansen
4/12/2020   Victoria B.M. Sanborn   Sanborn
4/1/2020   Susann H. Hoke   Hayes
3/22/2020   Lisa C. Koch   Cook
2/15/2020   Virginia A. Highstone   Green
2/3/2020   Catherine D. Nickerson   Drummond
1/20/2020   Susan E. Hattox   Hattox