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Letter from our class president, Judy Myers Kinsey

Letter from our class president, Judy Myers Kinsey

Dear Classmates,

As class president, one of my jobs is to submit an annual report of class activities to the WCAA (Wellesley College Alumnae Association). And since I submitted the report for all of you, I thought it would be a good idea to share it.

First, I should tell you what the WCAA says about the jobs of the president and the class board.

The class president is responsible for leading the class board, whose primary
focus shall be to help connect classmates to the College and to each other.

It was an easy report to write.

We knew when we came from our 60th reunion that our class was changed
forever. For many, it was the first time we acknowledged ourselves as
octogenarians, aware that we had met aging and end of life head-on. We sensed
a caring and a closeness that was different from before the reunion. And as a
board we felt that we needed our focus to be on truly helping classmates on this
octogenarian journey – reconnecting with Wellesley and ‘62. We needed more
people. So we doubled the size of the board – from five to ten. And we went to
work. The usual Wellesley class board meets once a year, perhaps more in
reunion years. This board meets monthly. I’ll let you read the report to learn
details of what we did. But please know, your class board is an amazing group of
women, all looking out for you.

We accomplished a lot. But there’s more we can do. We’re looking for new
ideas. What can we do for classmates who are limited in mobility? And those in
memory care? Those who’ve lost a spouse or significant other and are lonely?
Zoom has been a fantastic tool for meetings across four time zones, but what can
we do in person? On the telephone? One-on-one?

As I said in the report, our plan is to continue our connecting through Gatherings,
the '62 Zooms, finding and including lost classmates - all that we've done this
year. We’re sharing this Annual Report with you, our classmates. Now, we
want to listen for new ideas on how we can do more to help on this octogenarian

Share your ideas with any of the ’62 board members, and watch this space -
I know it’s going to be amazing!