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Bay Area mini-reunion and the Supreme Court, October 16_2019-04-14_364

Judy Margolis Katz provided this account of a mini-reunion organized by Barbara Bywater Creed:

Tuesday, October 16San Francisco Bay Area

We met at Barbara Creed’s retirement community, The Sequoias Portola Valley, for lunch and Barbara’s program on the US Supreme Court. Attending:  Barbara Elden Scavullo, Jennie Gerard, Joan Norris Boothe, Diana Chapman Walsh, Ellen Varmus Bloch, Laurie Follansbee Mobilio, Judy Katz and of course, Barbara Creed.

The agenda was to discuss three cases that the Supreme Court will decide during the next year.  Here are links to brief articles about these cases:

1.  Timbs v. Indianavalidity of civil forfeiture fine imposed by state

2.  Madison v. Alabamawhether an inmate who cannot remember the crime may be executed for it

3.  Gamble v. United Stateswhether the "separate sovereign" exception to the double jeopardy prohibition should be repealed

The issues are complicated, which is why they’ve reached the Supreme Court and why the Supreme Court has accepted them.  The resolutions are not obvious!  It was wonderful to get Barbara’s perspective.  Conversation was much more along the lines of questions/explanations than argument.

Our classmates were so engrossed in the discussion that they neglected to take a group picture. This picture of Barbara is from her law firm's website. Doesn't she look ready to argue before the Supreme Court?