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In Memoriam

We wish to remember our classmates who have died. Irises planted outside Houghton Chapel will be a memorial to our late classmates every June.

You can find obituaries for some of these classmates using the links provided.

Date of death First name College last name Last name
4/19/2021 Pat Sexton McMonagle
4/5/2021 Mary Linda
1/1/2021 Jean Blettner Angell
12/8/2020 Elizabeth (Liz, E.J.) Block  
9/8/2020 Sally Engle Merry
8/11/2020 Abigail Housen  
7/3/2020 Jane Jacobs Rosen
6/28/2020 Suzann Thomas Thomas-Buckle
2/9/2020 Christopher (Chris) Mock  
2/6/2020 Frances (Bonnie) Roberts  
1/6/2020 Julie Jervey  
9/10/2019 Constance Harris Slawecki
7/24/2019 Kay King Valentine
4/26/2019 Jeannette Wallace  
11/16/2018 Katherine Kolb  
10/20/2018 Gabette Hamlin Andres
7/13/2018 Virginia Neil Donahue
7/8/2018 Binney Bromley Miller
5/2/2018 Bonnie Strehle Andrews
3/15/2017 June Milton Stobaugh
10/17/2016 Barbara Bryan  
7/17/2016 Susan Steilberg Millington
7/8/2016 Martha Hammond Kerr
5/7/2016  Lyn Tolkoff Daniels
4/22/2016 Emily Leonard  
12/14/2015 Diane Stewart  Pollard
9/8/2015 Heather Symmes Cannon
3/26/2015 Bonnie Baron Mayer-Sommers
2/13/2015 Penny Johnson Wartels
2/11/2015 Susan Titus Goldstone
1/23/2015 Jalynn Rogers Bennett
10/25/2014 Lois Alex  
2/28/2014 Caroline Meirs  
11/24/2013 Molly McClelland Bloomfield
7/21/2013 Alison Brunell  
4/10/2013 Helene Tilleux Beale
2/27/2013 Sharon Stanton Russell
11/12/2012 Ruth Rosenblum  
9/24/2012 Patricia Engle  
8/20/2012 Marion Meschter Kane
12/16/2011 Judith Kirkham Walker
5/16/2011 Sally Leblanc Brinkley
4/17/2011 Pamela Gray  
8/20/2009 Jean Bowers Post
5/11/2009 Elisabeth Endicott Weil
11/22/2007 Leslie Williams  
6/8/2007 Susan Horton Dewhirst
2/1/2007 Marilyn Ruff Erwin
6/25/2006 Barbara Munson Goff
10/4/2005 Nancy Way Sheldon
2/7/2005 Barbara Beatty Schlichting
12/28/2004 Alison Barker  
8/20/2003 Frances Green  
6/26/2003 Nancy Holler  
7/24/2002 Hope Weissman  
7/13/2002 Maureen Donoghue Carlson
12/23/2000 Elizabeth Bardeen Greytak
8/26/2000 Joan Edmonds Brophy
11/23/1999 Hildegarde Herold Harris
1/7/1999 Elizabeth Anderson Hishon
3/18/1997 Sara Griffith Stone-Alston
7/17/1996 Jane Reardon Labys
8/21/1994 Kathleen Johnston  
9/27/1993 Abby Solomon  
6/12/1992 Amy Victor Tatel
1/9/1992 Maret Kaiv  
8/7/1990 Helen Bartlett  
3/28/1990 Jane McHale Dickson
3/21/1987 Alice Conner Gorlin
6/15/1985 Patricia Steele Calise
1/29/1981 Margie Kaminsky  
10/28/1974 Felicity Barnard Lynch
12/10/1972 Gail Hammond Wittreich
10/9/1972 Margaret Howard  
9/27/1971 Anna Baxter Worley
6/8/1963 Florence Evans  
5/1/1963 Frances Cornelius  
  Harriet Older Dunn