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Winter 2022 Class Notes by Judy Harte

Winter 2022 Class Notes by Judy Harte


Puebla Cathedral, 2020, watercolor on paper, copyright Timothy J. Clark,

Collection of Lisa Dunkle Scheffler

55th Reunion News

Reunion 2023 is on the horizon. Mark your calendar (May 26-28, 2023 with an
optional special pre-Reunion Day in Boston). Our 55th Reunion Committee is in
the midst of making plans and appreciates the offering of ideas and help (before
and during Reunion) from so many classmates.
A few highlights: Our Reunion headquarters will be in Stone Davis, so close
to the new Science and STEM Center, the Library and the Academic Quad (there
will be transportation options to get to other parts of the campus.) Based on the
results of our Class Questionnaire in the early fall, some of what we are planning

 a pre-Reunion kick-off in Boston which was enjoyed by many at our
50th Reunion,
 a Remembrance Gathering in memory of classmates who are no
longer with us,
 a Round-up of Results from this year’s Survey as well as comparisons
with relevant parts of the Surveys done over the last 45 years.
 opportunities for small group discussion around topics of
interest—both personal and in the wider world.

Hats off to the 55th Reunion Team, comprised of the following:
Thursday pre Reunion Gathering in Boston: Rachel Harris Winkeller, Pam
Starr Bromberg, and Jane Philippi
Friday Evening Gathering and Social Hour and Beverages: Carol Robinson
Saturday Class Meeting: Lynn Chornyei Thurber, Class President
Saturday Evening Social and Dinner: Diane Hawk Schmalensee and Julie
Dempsey Cox
Class Record Book: Nancy Kellogg Lightbody
Class Survey: Kay Lehman Schlozman and Marilyn Averill
Class Spirit: Cindy Hetsko Rainey
Class and Reunion Treasurer: Janet Conn
Reunion Chair: Tish Newman Busselle

Tish is still looking for a few chairs and volunteers for the Class Spirit
Committee, under the leadership of Cindy, which will be reaching out to our
classmates and perhaps planning a few pre-Reunion events. Please let Tish know if
you are interested — or 650-504-0919.

Make sure you are receiving information from the college via email to keep
informed about activities and announcements from our reunion chair. 

If not, get your proper email address to the college or reactivate it straightaway!

Did you just get an email about Record Book submissions? If you didn’t, see the
recent email on our Class website or send an email to Nancy Kellogg Lightbody
( and she’ll send you guidelines for submission. The due
date for submissions is January 20th .

1968 Classmates' News

Marriott Small Clark has helped her husband Tim with many museum exhibitions
during their thirty-two years together. Marriott says “This year we reached a
milestone with the exhibition at the Hispanic Society Museum & Library in New
York City, American Travelers, Featuring the Contemporary Works of Timothy J.
.  Experiencing Tim’s paintings hanging next to Childe Hassam’s left me
awed. Viewing another in a gallery showing works by Velasquez, El Greco, and
Goya, was breathtaking.  In addition to many others who helped along the way, I
am grateful to Lisa Dunkle Scheffler for lending her Clark painting, Puebla
, (image above) for the four-month exhibition; to New York Wellesley Friends of Art for arranging a group visit to the Museum to see the exhibition; and to Ellen Reynolds Harris for her steadfast support throughout.  It was wonderful to be able to share this experience with them, and so many other Wellesley friends and classmates."

On a personal note, for more than half a century, researchers around the world have been engaged in attempts to achieve fusion ignition as a proof of principle of various fusion concepts. I, Judy Harte, am one of the many authors of Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 075001, August 8, 2022, “Lawson Criterion for Ignition Exceeded in an Inertial Fusion Experiment” describing the first controlled fusion experiment to produce capsule gain (here 5.8X) and reach ignition by nine different formulations of the Lawson criterion. This experiment used laser indirect drive on the National Ignition Facility to achieve fusion. 

[Added Note from your Class President--And to emphasize what a WOW this accomplishment is in layman's language, here is a news feature on an even more recent success --:

From The Washington Post 12/12/22 US To Announce Fusion Energy Breakthrough

The Department of Energy plans to announce Tuesday (12/13) that scientists have been able for the first time to produce a fusion reaction that creates a net energy gain — a major milestone in the decades-long, multibillion-dollar quest to develop a technology that provides unlimited, cheap, clean power.]

Rita Smalling welcomed her second great-granddaughter, Giulietta, who turned
one in Toulouse, France. Rita now has a new volunteer job, Treasurer of the 74-
year-old, non-profit Interfaith Federal Credit Union of Montclair, CA. She just
completed an 8-week online course on a fascinating woman of the Bible, Mary
Magdalene, who is being reevaluated at long last.

This was Janet Conn’s second year participating in Walktober. Team Cazmatazz
has four members: Janet, Karin Becker (Karin does her workouts in Stockholm),
Helen Dennis and Wendy Wyse. Janet reports “As of November 10th , our team is
number 148 out of 471. Not bad for a bunch of 76-year-olds. Wendy is our
powerhouse. The program motivated me to buy a fitbit. And yes, I am getting
more exercise than I otherwise would have.” Here’s a good one. Janet also reports
“I just noticed that the 2018 Record Book has given me a married name of ‘Stone’.
I am married, but not to anyone named Stone. However, I was in Stone for two
years, so I guess Stone belongs below my name, not after it.” More from Janet: Last
year she became the Secretary of the Minnesota DFL Senior Caucus (Democratic
party in Minnesota is officially Democratic Farmer Labor party). Janet created
and maintained a spreadsheet of all the Minnesota races. Plus, she works with
Compassion & Choices to make medical aid-in-dying (MAID) legal in Minnesota
and throughout the US. It is now legal in ten states and the District of Columbia.
MAID might pass in Minnesota since the Democrats just won control of both
the Minnesota house and senate. Janet remarks “It shouldn’t be a partisan issue –
we all die – but somehow it has become one, at least in my state.”

Please send news and plan to come to reunion 55 if possible!. Thanks, Judy.