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Summer 2022 Class Notes by Judy Harte


During the pandemic Pamela Starr Bromberg retired from her teaching career at Simmons University and transitioned to her new role, Grandma.  Baby Lucas was born last May to her daughter Kate. 

Sad news: Catharine Wells died on March 7.  Read this wonderful article published by BC Law School Magazine and the remembrances!

Here’s one:

When Catharine was teaching law at USC, she had an unfortunate and violent experience at a stoplight. While her (ubiquitous) convertible was idling, a stranger on the street threw a small, but heavy manhole cover through her passenger side window. He reached through the broken window, grabbed her purse from the seat, and quickly ran off. Catharine was fond of telling this story and exclaiming, “The joke was on him, though, because that was not my purse. It was in fact a bag of feminist literature and I hope he read it!”

Catharine kept that manhole cover for years. It strikes me now how very like her this was. She confronted this act of violence with her characteristic fortitude and quick wit and kept the manhole cover close to her. It was as if to say that neither this, nor any other act against her, would break her. This is the Catharine Wells we all knew and loved. We will not again see another like her. A family member

Betty Jo “BJ” Pearce became a first-time grandparent on March 2 with the birth of Benjamin Leo McClanahan. This blessing also made her mother, Alice, a first-time great grandmother at age 100 .7 years and going strong. Nonetheless BJ and her sister, Kathy Pearce ‘70, spend a lot of time caring for her. BJ wonders if there are other classmates who also still have a living parent. She would love to hear from them.

Kristin Gamble reported that classmate Martha Jean “Marty” Garrett who lives in Sweden has taken in a Ukrainian refugee she’s known for years. Iryna arrived in Sweden March 10th. She is 64 years old, an obstetrician, professor, PhD from Uppsala University. They met when Kristin taught International Health and Iryna was a doctoral student. Later they collaborated on an international program to reduce perinatal mortality in the Baltic, Ukraine, and Russia. In 2014 Iryna had to flee from Donetsk to Kiev and start again.   Her son is still in Ukraine; grandson got out safely with his mother and half-siblings.  They’re in contact, luckily.  Iryna left Kiev with 15 minutes warning.  She quickly copied files, grabbed her passport, phone, Covid vaccination records, toothbrush, medications, and the clothes “she stood in.”  Kristin has welcomed her with shelter, computer, phone, clothes, tours of the city, help with national ID, psychological support and even a new hairdo.  Iryna said “Oy, I no longer look like a homeless refugee!”  She will be so valuable helping other refugees who speak only Russian and Ukrainian.  Kristin expects another Ukrainian friend with her 4-year-old son soon. 

Oy!  Send news.  Judy