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Fall 2022 Class Notes by Judy Harte

Fall 2022 Class Notes by Judy Harte


We have lost five more classmates. Marsha Gorden (a graduate student) died July 24, 2021; Sally Regan, October 21, 2021; Nan Hamilton, November 15, 2021; Barbara Auman Steuert, March 8, 2022; Suzanne Sherwood Cane, March 29, 2022. Read more at\class-of-1968 our class website.

  • Marsha co-founded Development Sciences Inc. in the 1970s, the first company in Massachusetts to offer energy and environmental consulting.
  • Sally wanted to to become a librarian, teacher or switchboard operator. She managed to do all three. But mainly she worked tirelessly for world peace.
  • Nan started the Mudville Pottery Studio in 1974 and leaves behind a vibrant pottery and Airedale terrier community.
  • Barbara was active in her community, served in an elective post, and cherished her family. She lived by Margaret Mead’s words; "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has."
  • Suzanne cared deeply about people, established close friendships and family ties. She loved US National Parks, especially Yellowstone, and translated a compelling 19th century account of an early visit to Yellowstone written in 1886 by the Belgian judge and travel writer, Jules Leclercq.

Correction: in the previous “Notes” article describing Martha Garrett’s wonderful work with Ukrainians I mistakenly replaced “Martha” with “Kristin” (three times!). Kristin Gamble sent me information. Please correct that in your minds and accept my apology for this error.

Joyce Howland reports from DC. Joyce works parttime with the SIT Graduate Institute, helps seniors with their taxes through AARP, serves breakfast at her church, ushers at Arena Stage, and cherishes her sons (Benjamin, US Army Colonel serving at the office of the Secretary of Defense, and Von, US Navy Commander, stationed in Stuttgart, Germany) and their families. Her two grandchildren enjoy scouting, SCUBA, martial arts, guitar, school.

Our Class President, Lynn Chornyei Thurber, reported about our 55 th reunion. Did you get her email? Tish Newman Busselle will Chair our 55th reunion. Tish says “I invite any of our classmates who would like to help in any way--large or small--to let me know at .”

Reunion will be earlier than usual, May 26-28, 2023. Mark your calendars. The college is trying to decide how to host reunion with ongoing dormitory renovations. Not all classes will be able to stay on campus.

Remember that great interview with Holly Knox about Title IX that I recommended in a previous Notes? Well now ESPN has taken notice with a 4-part series. Holly reports:
They interviewed me about my role. I might appear in the first part of the series airing
Tuesday, June 21: 
[Note from Webmaster: the four part documentary is called 37 Words and can be viewed by subscribers of ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu or Direct TV Stream]
Sounds like this will be viewable various times, different ways.
Bruce and I are heading to DC tomorrow to be part of a celebration of Title IX's 50 years,using the ESPN series to get a bunch of us advocates from the early days back together. Can't wait to see what ESPN comes up with!”

Please send news. Thanks, Judy.