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55th Reunion Recap

55th Reunion Recap






Dear Classmates,


Our 55th Reunion is in the books with a record or two set along the way.  For those who attended--thank you for your flexibility, laughter, and joy in being together.  For those who didn't attend--you were missed whether it was with every '68 Cheer, quiet moments during the Remembrance Gathering, conversations with one another both renewing connections and making new ones, enjoying the beautiful campus (many remarked on how much greener it is--of course, trees and other plantings have had 55 years to grow since we were there), or for the unusually wonderful weather for reunion.


I'm writing this as an "all around" wrap up for everyone so I thought it would be helpful to recap the sections you'll find below so, if you don't want to read them all, you can go to whichever section you're interested in.


1. Recordings and Slide Decks  of Three Class of '68 Events on Saturday


2.  Our 55th Reunion Record Book--access and additional submissions


3.  Class Officers- Current and Future


4.  Reunion Team


5.  Call for Reunion photos, memories, etc. for our Class website


6.  Lastly, the Class of '68 sets records once again


1.  Recordings and Slide Decks of Three Class of '68 Events on Saturday


The recordings (video with audio) and the slide decks from our Class Meeting, Remembrance Gathering, and Kay Lehman Schlozman's Highlights from the Survey which focused on how our responses compared to those we made 20 years ago and how we compare to Americans today can be viewed by clicking  This link will take you directly to our website sub-page under "Reunion" labelled "Reunion Recordings".  Before you can view them you do need to Login with your Wellesley ID and Password as this section of our 1968 website is protected so that only classmates can view these postings..   The recordings are intended to give those who didn't attend Reunion an opportunity to see/hear the presentations, etc., and those who did attend a chance to "relive" the presentations if desired.   Doing the recordings was a tall order--I'm thankful to Carol Robinson Sacerdote and her husband, George Sacerdote, who gave so much time planning the recordings and doing them which included working with (against) the Stone-Davis ceilings, ambient noise from the Class of '78 with whom we were sharing Stone-Davis, and dealing with equipment challenges, etc.  


A few explanations before watching the recordings--the music in the Remembrance Gathering offered by our classmate Suzanne Ciani (via recordings from afar) was much better during the Remembrance Gathering (you may need to adjust the volume on your device for the music recordings) and Kay's slide deck which was perfect on all fronts, including our prior run-through, but lost some of its formatting when there was a request to enlarge the slides during her presentation.   I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the columns that became misaligned.  If not, you'll find the slide deck has all of the correct formatting--see #2 below.


Again the link for the three recordings and the associated slide decks is :




2.  Our 55th Reunion Record Book--downloading a digital copy and submitting an entry/photo


To download the free pdf of the Record Book, click on this link

You will need to log-in with your Wellesley ID and password to view this section of our website.


If you would like to submit a personal entry and/or photo--like those in the Record Book--see the instructions at the end of this email--due date is June 15th.  They will be posted on our protected Class of '68 website.


3.  Class Officers- Current and Future


They are all listed on the slides but, for the record, they are:


Terms ending June 30, 2023:   

President                             Lynn Chornyei Thurber,

Vice President                    Jane Plummer Fenn,

Secretary                            Judy Harte,

Treasurer                            Janet Conn

Wellesley Fund Rep.          Susan Little Berry


New Officers until our 60th Reunion: 

President                             Judy Harte,

Vice President                     Ellen Genat Hoffman,

Magazine Correspondent   Judy Siskind

Treasurer                            Marion Thomas Flores

Wellesley Fund Rep.          Liz Shippee Boylan            

Communications Chair       Lynn Chornyei Thurber


Thank you for serving us well for the past five years and the next five years respectively.


4.  Our Mighty Reunion Team


Kudos to those who served on our Reunion Team who discussed and planned the details, goals and budget for Reunion.   We've been meeting--more like zooming-- over the course of the last 7 months coordinating, adjusting to the uncertainties that resulted from the campus renovations (including not knowing some of our event locations until 3 weeks before Reunion, and thinking about not only those who were able to come but also those who were not.  I couldn't have worked with a better team--each member taking responsibility for her assignment while helping with some of the larger decisions.   Thank you to:


Class Survey                        Marilyn Averill, Kay Lehman Schlozman                  Record Book                         Nancy Kellogg Lightbody

Spirit Committee                   Cindy “Burma Shave” Hetsko Rainey

Thursday’s Gathering           Jane Turner Philippi, Rachel Harris Winkeller,

                                             and Pam Starr Bromberg                        

Dorm Host                            Chari LaRue Isaacs

Friday Night Social

     and Dorm Hospitality       Carol Robinson Sacerdote

Remembrance Gathering     Anne Messenger

Discussion Groups               Judy Fromson Berkman

Saturday Dinner                   Julie Dempsey Cox, Diane Hawk Schmalansee

Recordings                           Carol Robinson Sacerdote

Class President                    Lynn Chornyei Thurber

Class Treasurer                    Janet Conn


[Our Mighty Reunion Team was fabulously led by our phenomenal 55th Reunion Chair Tish Newman Busselle,  A huge thank you to Tish! -- this note inserted by web admin/Class President  Lynn]


Special thanks to those not on the Committee who offered specific help before and/or the during Reunion:  George Sacerdote, Diane Speare Triant, Nancy- Ann Card Feren, Cherrie Hepburn Greenhalgh, Bill Rainey, our wonderful Student Team those who helped with welcoming classmates as they "signed in," and the facilitators for Saturday's discussion groups.   


And thanks to all the FUNdraisers who worked on Susan Little Berry's Team, in particular, to Leslie Dansker Toepfer for Durant Society donors and Ellen  Reynolds Harris for Planned Giving to achieve the records in #6.


My deep apologies for anyone that I missed in these kudos!


5.  Call for Reunion photos, memories, etc. for our Class website


 If you have photos/videos or written memories from this year's Reunion, please submit them to me ( so that I can work with Lynn to get them on our protected Class of '68 website.   Send them along as soon as you can and we'll start posting..


6.  Lastly, The Class of '68 sets records once again

            Highest number of Durants for any 55th Reunion Class: 81

            Largest 5-year giving total of 2023 Reunion Classes:  $23.4 million

            One of the highest turn-outs   

                     for 55th Reunion classes:    102 classmates plus 40 guests  


As stated at the beginning, this may well be the last (or next to last Reunion eblast).   Thank you to those who read them or, as some might say, "waded" through them.  I alone am responsible for their "weighty-ness" but they would never have gotten to everyone on the Alum Association's "ok to contact" list if it hadn't been for Lynn, Class President and 1968 Web administrator.  Bouquets of "redness" to you Lynn!


Note:  Instructions for submitting personal entries/photos are below for those who weren't able to submit for the Record Book.


Cheers to all,





Tish Newman Busselle
Cell: 650.504.0919




Instructions for submitting a Personal Entry to be put on our Class website (protected so only our Class can see it)



Please send an email to me at with information you wish to share in your Personal Entry.   You may also submit a current photo if you’d like (optional).

WRITING YOUR SUBMISSION:  Please use a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word.


1.  Start with your contact information as you want to share it:
Following the exact formatting will make the submissions look like the Record Book
     • Your full name in College
     • Your name today
     • Your primary address (Street, City, State, ZIP)

     • Phone Numbers:    • Your home telephone number, followed by “(H)” – Please use dashes between each set of phone numbers. • Your cell phone number, followed by “(C)”• Note: If you have a seasonal home address and phone number, you may include those as well.     

     • Your personal email address


2. Add your personal entry You may choose to write about anything you wish: what’s happening in your life now, what you are looking forward to, or anything you would like to write about! Please write no more than 310 words. (Microsoft Word can do the counting for you.)

Please put your message in standard paragraph format.

3.  Please proofread for correct spelling and punctuation.


4.  Save the document with your college name, last name first. Ex: “smithjane.doc”


5.  If you would like, please include a recent photo.:     

• Use a digital camera or a cell phone, then e-mail us the photo 

     - Format we can accept is JPG only

     - File cannot be over 100 MB

     - Please title your photo with your college name, last name, first name: “SmithJane.jpg”


6.  Email your submission/s to me at by June 15th. Please put in the Subj. line of your email "Personal Entry: (your name)"