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Fall 2023 Class Notes by Judy Siskind

Fall 2023 Class Notes by Judy Siskind

Fall 2023 Class Notes by Judy Siskind

Greetings, classmates! I am honored to begin my years as our class’s “magazine correspondent” (the new term for this role) as Judy Harte moves on to serve as our class president. Judy did a wonderful job of reporting, and was gracious in saving some summer news for me. Please do send your own news, a term that can be loosely defined for these columns. You can reach me at
The communication that Judy passed along came from the daughters of our late classmate Jean Arrington, who died in early 2022. They reported that Jean’s book From Factories to Palaces, about the inspired NY architect Charles Snyder, has received a book award from the Victorian Society of New York. Jean’s daughter Kate wrote a play inspired by her parents’ evolving relationship and by Jean’s progressive illness. The play, “Another Marriage,” was performed at Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago this summer and six of Jean’s friends in our class gathered to see it.


Margo Collett, Holly Clayson, Pamela Berg, Susan Diamond, Jill Vickers, and Katharine Jones

Their group photo at the play is also in the online version of the December Wellesley magazine. Finally, Jean’s daughters have compiled a little book of her writings along with some writings about her, available to order through the link here.
Pamela Starr Bromberg retired from teaching three years ago, but is returning to Simmons this fall to teach a course in the English Novel through Austen.  She and her husband Lee are delighted to become grandparents for the second time.  Grace Margot Morales was born on July 28th to Pam's daughter Kate and her partner Jason.  Grace joins big brother Lucas, who is almost 2½. Pam and Lee recently met up with Martha’s Vineyard summer neighbors Kay Lehman Scholzman and her husband Stanley for a walk in the woods. Kay is also featured in a reunion photo sent by Carolyn Pratt Brock that shows Carolyn and Kay with Ellen Jones Wood, class of 1963. Ellen was their charismatic counselor at a summer camp in Ely,Michigan in 1960-61, sparking their interest in attending Wellesley.

An update from Monia Buegeleisen Joblin: “Since my return to Los Angeles I have increased my involvement with the Ruskin Group Theater in Santa Monica, first joining the Board and currently serving as Board President.  But perhaps my greatest recent achievement was surviving a day trip to Disneyland with Sarah (’99), her husband Nate and my grandson Emmett. Nine rides in one eleven-hour day!  As you might imagine, the next day we were three creaky adults and one energized 11-year old.  I’ll be back in Somerville to visit them in October and again for Thanksgiving.  I’d enjoy catching up with any classmates in the area.”
Hope you all have a lovely early fall! (Yes, in South Florida I have autumn envy.)






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