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Summer 2023 Class Notes by Judy Harte

Summer 2023 Class Notes by Judy Harte

Before the Wellesley Magazine Presses Roll

Final Class Notes By Judy Harte


By the time the Wellesley Magazine is printed for the summer of 2023 our 55th Reunion will be long past.  Again in the spirit of providing you news when it is "news" and not "yesterday's stories", I am copying all of Judy's Summer Class notes below--no link to the website needed.  It has been my pleasure to partner with Judy as our Class Secretary for the past 5 years, sharing her wonderful writing with all of you.  We all owe Judy a gigantic thank you for diligently and with great humor nudging news from our class and never missing a deadline nor submitting that no news was forthcoming.  That is worthy of an Olympian gold medal in my book! Thank You, Judy!


Summer 2023 1968 Class Notes from Judy Harte


First, sad news: Catherine Smith who received her MA degree with our class in 1968 died on February 14, 2023.  Sincere condolences to her family and friends.  Catherine was a champion for education. Here is a link to her obituary.


With this report I end my term as Class Secretary.  It has been an amazing journey for me, learning about many of you, your remarkable accomplishments, work, hobbies, trips, families and so on.  Now five years have passed and our 55th reunion is on the very next page of my calendar.  Our current class officers will retire with our thanks and a new set will continue their work. 


I am struck by how all our lives are connected, even as we have spread out over the globe, doing so many diverse things.  For example, I wonder how many of you are celebrating your 55th year of marriage like Cindy Hesko Rainey and her husband, Bill.  They will enjoy their anniversary with a trip to Bermuda right after reunion.


I recalled the bittersweet day when I received my early acceptance letter to Wellesley. My school had sent everyone home early because of the assassination of JFK.  Then Ellen Genat Hoffman told me that she had exactly the same experience.


One more example of our parallel lives just arrived from Jane Plummer Fenn.

Jane wrote “In early fall 2022, Lynn Chornyei Thurber knew that I was preparing to have mitral valve replacement heart surgery and discovered that Cindy Hetsko Rainey had had the same surgery only months earlier.  She put us in touch. Cindy was a wonderful morale booster and excellent source of good information about recovering.  It meant so much for me to have her keeping in touch through the whole process -- lead-up, immediate post-surgery, and months of recovery.  I feel so lucky to have had this Wellesley tie-in to help me along.  I'm delighted to report that both of us are doing very well now.  For Cindy, it's now been a year since her surgery, and I am six months out. 1-9-6-8 Wellesley Rah!”


Elizabeth Shippee Boylan sends news about Mill Knopf Jonakait. Mill and 11 others have brought a lawsuit against New York City asserting it’s violating the Federal American with Disabilities Act. The “Open Streets” policy closed many blocks throughout the five boroughs to automobiles.  This was implemented during Covid to allow folks to congregate outside, but it continues, resulting in people with disabilities having more limited access to parking, Uber, ambulances, bus routes, Access-a-ride, etc. Mill states that the lack of parking access, even with ADA permits, is having an increasingly negative impact on her stating “She's on the suit because she's old and disabled and just articulate enough to speak up.” Sounds like she's just as articulate as ever! "Way to go, Mill!"


Please continue to send your news to our new class “Magazine Correspondent”. The title has changed but the job and email address ( ) remain the same.


Sincerely, Judy Harte



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