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Spring 2024 Class Notes by Judy Siskind

Spring 2024 Class Notes by Judy Siskind

Spring 2024 Class Notes by Judy Siskind



I am sorry to start by sharing sad news of the death of our classmate Nancy Adler..  Nancy was a distinguished psychologist who was instrumental in developing the field of health psychology, She did seminal research on the correlation between socioeconomic status and health outcomes (morbidity and mortality). By now this is a well-known correlation, but that was not always the case, and Nancy has received due credit for demonstrating the multi-faceted impact of “zip code” and one’s own perception of one’s socio-economic status on overall health. 

Nancy was a professor and prolific researcher in the psychiatry department at UCSF in San Francisco. And, as the following tribute from UCSF describes, she was also a loving wife and mother whose daughters say they weren’t even aware of her renown until they were teenagers:

Far happier news: Hollis (Holly) Clayson was recently honored by the Association of College Art’s annual conference as this year’s Distinguished Scholar. As an art history professor at Northwestern University for 35 years, now emerita, Holly has written a wide range of scholarly articles and several fascinating books. She also advised 27 doctoral dissertations (with what available time, Holly?)  We congratulate Holly for her clearly well-deserved tribute.

I have received no other news and no photos this quarter, and I’ve been reflecting on the likely reasons for that.  The first that came to mind relates to how illustrious the careers have been of our recently deceased classmates and also those like Holly with tributes to report.  We’re proud of our outstanding classmates, and it’s a joy to share news of honors.  But I worry that as a group we’ve become hesitant to write in with news of get-togethers with classmates, new interests, and personal changes during these years of our lives. 

No, we don’t want to make this column an “organ recital,” as the detailed description of health problems is facetiously called.  But I hope you won’t hesitate to provide news of your activities and reflections. Related to that sharing, the second reason that came to mind for the lack of news coming in as that many of us did write about our lives in the record book published for last spring’s reunion.  We may now have a feeling of “been there, done that.”  But it’s been nearly a year since we wrote collectively, and with the record book’s word limit, we weren’t able to share all that we might have wanted to.  

I can invite and coax and plead and nag. Or, worse yet, I can fill these columns with news I extract from those classmates with whom I’m more in touch.  Do you want to hear repeatedly about the adventures of fourth-floor-McAfee-and-friends?”  No, you do not!  So let that be an incentive to write to me with your own news or thoughts. To echo the spoofy paraphrase of the New York Times slogan, “All the news that fits, we print.”  Best to you all, and I hope to hear from you!

Judy Siskind

Magazine Correspondent, Class of 1968

Please send news to