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President's Message

November 2020

Dear Wellesley ’71 classmates,
I assume you have all gotten the word by now that Wellesley has cancelled all on-campus reunions for June 2021. 
Obviously, no one is happy with this decision, but given the uncertainties of the next months, it is understandable that the College needed to provide some early guidance to our thinking about our upcoming reunion.
Fortunately, our dorm-based Zoom calls have given us a launch-pad for thinking in terms of a virtual version of Reunion, and your Class officers and Reunion co-chairs are thinking about lots of different options.
One appealing notion is to have volunteers conduct and participate in special interest virtual programs, which could happen during the whole 6 months leading up to June – in fact, we may very well get MORE participation in a virtual reunion than we can ever get on campus!  So, think about what motivates you and brings a smile to your face, and then let’s try to make a virtual version to share.  Please share your requests, ideas and offers to help with Amy Levin Halket at
If, for some reason, you have not been aware of the dorm Zoom calls going on over the past few months, PLEASE make sure to reach out to me, or someone among your dorm friends, to make sure you get added to the list for invites.  The calls will be continuing, if sporadic!
Also, go to your personal info page at and make sure that your information is current, and that you give permission for the College (i.e. your classmates too) to contact you by email.  [If you do not know your MyWellesley login, please visit this page for information on how to recover it.]
In addition, we have a Facebook Group for our Wellesley class, found at  Over 70 of our classmates are already members.  Facebook Groups are different from regular Facebook – they are totally private for group members, so you don’t need to worry about having strangers see your postings.  You need to request admission to the group, and it is only accessible to our classmates.  We hope that this forum will allow for lots of fun sharing of news and photos among everyone in the class.
Under the circumstances, our Record Book for the 50th will take on a much more important role.  Margi Reeve is thinking about format and even online possibilities.  So, ponder what you want to share with the rest of us, and stay in touch to hear about how we will bring that part together. 
Despite not having a campus reunion, we are required to nominate and elect a new slate of class officers.  Mary Lou Casey has graciously agreed to be our Nominating Chair.  Please feel free to contact her at if you want to volunteer for any particular role, or if you have ideas of someone who might be interested.  The Alumnae Association will assist us with online voting in June.
The College is having a challenging year, as are we all.  If you can manage to be extra generous, this would be a wonderful time to do so.  PLUS, we are aiming to get 71% participation in celebration of our 50th Reunion, so a gift of any size is VERY welcome.
Most important, keep yourself well and safe during this crazy year, and keep the ideas coming   on ways for us to celebrate through virtual connections.
All best wishes,
Alternate text
  Cathy White O’Rourke
  Class President
Wellesley Volunteer List with Dorms and emails:
Katie Huddleson:  Bates                       
Susan Jones Rubin:  Beebe                       
Betsy Bowman:  Cazenove                        
Trudy Hanmer:  Claflin                             
Katie Creighton:  Davis                             
Mary Lou Casey:  Freeman                       
Mary B Barlow:  McAfee                          
Trish Williams Quistgaard:  McAfee       
Sharol Hayner:  Munger                            
Susan Andrews:  Pomeroy                        
Diane Musgrave Herman:  Severance    
Frances Fowler Slade: Shafer                   
Glenda Starr Fishman:  Stone                  
Helen Weller O’Connor:  TCE                  
Anne Sigsbee:  TCW                                      
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