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Class of 1971 Speaker Series

Class of 1971 Speaker Series

Targeting Investments for Sustainability

Judith Moore ’71, June 29, 2022, 7:00 p.m. Eastern

What is Sustainable Investing? 

Sustainable investing is a rapidly growing approach that uses environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria to select investments that will have a positive social and environmental impact, while also preserving long-term returns. The graphic below shows the UN Sustainable Development Goals that many investors are now using to measure and report the impact of their investments.

Our communities, country, and world are facing deepening challenges related to climate change, safe food and water, education, health, social cohesion and more.  One of the most important ways we can help find solutions is through the choices we make with our money.  Whether we have a bank account, credit card, 401(k) or pension, hold individual stocks or bonds, have bought insurance, or have a financial advisor, we can help support global solutions just by querying how those companies are managing and investing our money and asking them to do so sustainably. 

A religion major at Wellesley, Judith acquired graduate degrees in forestry and regional planning before starting her career with the World Bank. There she was at the forefront of figuring out how the World Bank could advocate for environmental stewardship while also managing its own financial transactions accordingly. Currently, she heads her own firm which advises corporations and large investors on sustainable management of their investments.

Judith will provide a brief overview of sustainable investing and the types of issues that it supports, like community development, green building, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy.  She is not a personal investment advisor.  But she can advise on the types of questions to ask people you’ve placed your money with, and where you can learn more about sustainable investment.

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