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Class Notes Summer 2020 - unabridged

This is the unabridged version of the class notes. The magazine has a 500-word limit.

Ann Sutphin Hafer (Arlington VA)

Ann Sutphin Hafer and husband Tom attended the wedding of their son William Thomas Hafer and Kristy Feng on 9 November 2019 in Littleton, Colorado.  Will and Kristy met in 2017 at a Chinese-language hiking group meetup.  Will is an aerospace engineer with Lockheed Martin Space Systems.  Kristy is a finance professional with TIAA.  Ann and Tom still live in Arlington, Virginia.  Tom is a consultant on drones and counter-drones; he is not yet totally retired. Ann volunteers as President of Citizens for the Classics and as Recording Secretary for Highlands Swim and Tennis Club. They enjoy taking their grandchildren, Lily and Kai Goodwin, to New Hampshire, while the parents, their daughter Virginia Hafer Goodwin ’04 and husband Justin, enjoy a quiet house! Virginia and Justin are both engineers at MIT-Lincoln Lab. 

Julia Morrison Griffith

Larry and I are well and son Ben and his wife are working from home. For me, one of the biggest problems with these times is sadness that I can't visit my nearly 94-year-old mother who lives 10 minutes away in a wonderful assisted living facility.  They are being strict, understandably. No visitors. She eats dinner in her room and all activities are cancelled. She has only the TV and, thankfully, her Kindle, for entertainment. She is doing all right but it is boring for her to miss her bridge and bingo games and I worry that this social isolation may need to be extended quite a long time for those in her age group. I will be able to take her to the eye doctor every 7 weeks for the shot that keeps her macular degeneration from getting worse, so that is something to look forward to.  

Margaret Reeve

It is certainly challenging to stay sane these days. The non prof arts org whose board i am on is struggling as are so many others. I keep wondering what the landscape will look like when things "settle down." I've been in touch with many of our classmates in the last few weeks, and it helps to support each other, share our fears and strategies for coping.

I found this comforting. 

Darcy Walker (Burke VA)

Jean Pierre, the beloved poodle, and I are enjoying Our introverted lifestyle. Lots of movies, reading and embroidery - my hobby. Since I quilt, I have been recruited to make cloth face masks for family and friends. Have become very Jane Austen and try to send 3 postcards a day to friends to cheer their mailbox. Getting great responses. The good news is I am home, busy, well supplied and have an income. I am blessed to watch my garden bloom and speak with friends. Perhaps by fall we will all gather again.

Wilma Chen Chan (Alameda CA)

As part of County government we are doing everything we can to flatten the curve on Covid 19.  This is a time to reflect and really think about what is important.  My family, including my 12-year-old grandson and my pregnant daughter-in-law who is due on June 2 are keeping safe.

Kim Hamilton Gottshall (Raleigh)

I was going to send you a picture but thought better of it. I am not generally a scarf person but that beautiful scarf [see Passions and Projects-ed.] we got at our last reunion has been perfect to tie around my face when I go to the grocery store.  While I know it won’t protect me it seems a courtesy to other people to ensure that I won’t infect them. Son John is now working from our home in Raleigh.  After three weeks of working from his one-bedroom apartment in Richmond he wanted some personal contact - which we are most happy to provide.

Pat Shevlin Holmes (New York)

We are lucky enough to have a second home so on March 12th we came out here — mainly because my kids badgered me into getting my husband, who is 85 with a lot of health issues, out of NYC.  As it turned out that was the day the Metropolitan Museum, where I volunteer, decided to close down for the foreseeable future.  I’ve been doing a lot of yard work—it’s therapeutic. I also try to walk 2-3 miles a day. And the Met has been holding training sessions for the volunteers via Zoom. I think both my children have had the Corona virus but since tests were not widely available at the time, we can’t be sure. My daughter had chest pressure and shortness of breath for 10 days and my son had aches, chills and exhaustion for a few days and eventually lost his sense of smell. Of course being millennials, they do not own thermometers. Both are recovered now and working from home, 
Hope everyone is keeping safe. We will all get through this strange and scary time. 

Annette Mott (Bowdoinham ME)

I retired from my work as an Interim Pastor, serving churches in the United Church of Christ, the end of February, just before the full impact of COVID-19 was being felt in our country. My husband (already retired) and I are sheltering in place in the same country home we have lived in for the past 44 years in Bowdoinham, Maine. We know we are fortunate in our current situation, and, like so many others, we have taken advantage of the opportunity provided by this crisis to renew and deepen relationships with friends and family.

Belinda Wilkins Tepper (Los Angeles)

In March, my two children cancelled my visits to New York and San Francisco; Jacob called me the day before the flight out. I do not argue with the mother of my grandsons and they have placed extra FaceTime calls to compensate but I was miffed. I took the shutdown seriously when it hit my hair salon. Face masks were already in my earthquake kit. I added an oximeter. Bad news seems delayed--only after he recovered did I hear that my cousin had been ill for four weeks and I hear similar stories from my friends. It has not been pretty, but I think the country has handled Covid-19 effectively. I worry that the economy will change via bankruptcies and structural unemployment. I hope Zoom calls stay popular.

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