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Out and About in Chicago with 1971

Class Notes are created from news and photos sent to the class secretary, Belinda Wilkins Tepper.

Since there are no space limitations on the website, we are able to share more news with hotlinks included. We can put up photos that aren't high resolution as required by the magazine, as well as photos containing just you and your family or one or two alums instead of a large crowd as they prefer.

Class Notes Winter 2020. Unabridged Version.

Karen Hunzicker Putnam

Hi Classmates!

 I'm sorry to miss the mini-reunion (although not so mini!) in Chicago. Thank you Cathy and Glenda for your hard work.

Sadly, my family is dealing with a serious health emergency for one of our members and we are tag-teaming care so I won't be able to join you.

It looks like I won't see you all until our 50th (!!!). Please bring pictures and histories and embarrassing undergraduate experiences (ok, not embarrassing ... we are distinguished seniors, after all ...oh what the heck!).

I'll bring pics of grandson, tales of far-flung non-profit activity, and hip replacement cautions. I suspect I am not the only one who wishes her various body parts were Legos ... simply pop out and replace.

Although it may sound corny, I've been wearing a Wellesley baseball cap in my Manhattan travels. I great way to meet alums of all vintages.

Please let me know if you are going to be in NYC. I'd love to reconnect if we can.

Meanwhile, Break the mould, go with gold! Or is it, Lemon power, whiskey sour! Or is it Mellow yellow, good bedfellow. (My parents especially liked that last one. Sooo not ....)  

Hope to see you all soon!

Genevieve Steele Edwards

What about "Banana Year, Stick it in your Ear!"?  Very sorry to miss seeing you, Karen Hunzicker. I am sure we all understand your reasons, though. I hope everything goes well with your family.

It's Genevieve Steele (now Edwards) here. My husband Don is coming too. As an MIT exchange student, he has some claim to being a Wellesley alumnus, as I met him in the spring of 1970 in a seminar on the Russian and Chinese Revolutions with Dr. Paul Cohen and Dr. Mimi Berlin. 

We are going to [theater event] on Friday night, since this is our first chance to do that. Thanks, Glenda, for the idea of adding theater-going to our weekend.  'See ya'll soon! –

Candy Fowler

I am so sorry that I will now not be able to come to Chicago.  My daughter is having a baby by C-section on October 3 and I will need to be in Boston for moral support and, more importantly, looking after my 3-year old granddaughter. We had expected this all to happen at the end of the month but the doctors say otherwise. 

If anyone who has not yet purchased a theater ticket would like mine, it's available. 

I so appreciate the efforts of our class officers for putting together this trip and Glenda for making the theater arrangements.  It looks like you have a wonderful group of women going, and I was really looking forward to catching up with all of you.  Hopefully in 2021 if not before!


Margaret Young

I’ve always been an architect wannabe and in retirement I’ve taken up sketching and painting. Our weekend included lectures and tours focused on Chicago architecture. It was such fun to have new learning opportunities - lectures without assignments! - and time to sketch some of Chicago’s sights.  Best of all was the time with classmates, the chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I can’t wait for our 50th.

Belinda Wilkins Tepper

Your class secretary cancelled her reservation after her children announced a family gathering in Los Angeles that included all four grandsons (pre-K, pre-school, toddler, and baby) and a family photo shoot. My life is usually uneventful, so I am surprised and torn when two exciting opportunities conflict.

Mini-Reunion Attendees:

Jayne Ayers

Betsy Bowman

Katie Cheney Creighton

Kathy Calkins Horne

Yong-Hee Chyun Silver

Kristen Dutton

Rochelle Didier

Meredith Davis

Candy Fowler

Carol Gebelein Cavanagh

Jennifer Greene

Susan Guba Fentin

Mariel Harris

Katie Huddleson

Jane Ireland Silvestro

Andrea Magno

Diane Musgrave

Davida Navarre

Anne Quisenberry Spaulding

Sharol Rhodes Hayner

Genevieve Steele Edwards

Pat Shevlin Holmes

Anne Sigsbee

Janet Stewart

Glenda Starr Fishman

Cathy White O'Rourke

Margaret Young

Fiftieth Reunion: Block the 4th to the 6th of June 2021 on your calendar.