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In Memoriam

 Last Name at College  Current Last Name  First Name  Nickname  Date of Death
Bloom Ranson Barbara   26-Jul-2010
Boerner Powers Pauline received MA 16-Feb- 2000
Bowler   Pamela   31-Mar-1972
Brown Shilling Shirley   19-Feb-1998
Casale Carlton Stephanie   15-July-2012
Chevins Davis Cheryl   5-Oct-2017
Damon   Martha Marcy 18 Jun-2013
Danahy Callahan Barbara   16-Jul-2012
Donaldson Margaret     21-Nov-2017
Freniere   Susan   13-Nov-2008
Gray   Priscilla   8-Jan-2011
Harrington Sara Sally   22-Sep-2004
Hearne Barringer Mary Lee Mimi 15-Aug-2007
Heifetz   Catherine   3-Feb-1976
Hock Lamar Bonnie    9-Sep-2003
Howard   Olga Frieda Dee 24-Mar-2011
Hunter Saunders Pamela   4-Mar-2009
Ives Lee Sayre Ramsdell Ramsey 23-Jul-03
Kenowsky   Patricia   about 1980
Kenyon Kraw Sarah   5-Nov-2001
Kindle Abraham Millicent   23-Nov-2002
Kleeman Scott Janice Jan 16-Apr-2005
Madden Kathleen     25-Feb-2007
Meloy   Ada   27 Nov - 2014
Morris  O'Brien Laura Nell 29-Nov-2004
Nelson   Karen   30-Jul-2010
Nemeth   Joan   29-Sep-2002
Nicely Kopf Patricia   10-Feb-2004
Richardson Coates Elizabeth   16-Dec-1993
Ritchie Spitzer Rosalind   26-Nov-2010
Rowe   Susan   1977
Rudman   Elizabeth   23-Nov -1977
Schirmer Cochrane Katherine Kitty 26-Sep-2004
Smith   Janet   23-Apr-2000
Stewart   Carol   27-Sep-2016
Washor Pierce Nancy   8 - Jul - 2005
Welch   Louise   4-Aug-2010

In Memoriam