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Class Notes Fall 2021 - unabridged

 Greetings from your new Class Secretary!  As the pandemic continues, we look forward to a time when we can once again gather together with friends and family. Those of us who made it to our Zoom 50th Reunion know how great it is to communicate and commiserate with each other, both in general, and in these particular times. Many thanks to all of those who worked so hard to make the zoom reunion the success it was, under difficult circumstances! The dorm zooms, initiated last year by our former Class Officers, have thankfully done a lot to further good spirit and fellowship in these difficult times. 


Speaking of zooms, Glenda Starr Fishman reports that the Bi-weekly Sunday afternoon zoom meeting that she and Ann O’Regan Keary created last year has continued and will be coming up on our 36th session in early Sept. This has included Mary Lou Casey, Margot Keam Cleary, Katharine  “Kate” Kilborne Cornwell, Katie Cheney Creighton, Susanna Stevens Hamme, Gail Wandel Hendryx, Susan Irving, Joan Lister, Alice Melnikoff, Mary Mottershead, Christy Pennoyer, Paula Sonnino, Marcia Williams, and Julia Burrow Winton, as well as two guest appearing McAfee-ites from the class of ’70 -- Ann Clarke, ‘70 and Mary “Meg” Duplain Cheever, ’70. 

In terms of non-zoom news -- 

Caroline Bruzelius writes that she is happily retired and living in Cambridge, with many wonderful opportunities to see Wellesley friends, both classmates and former faculty, in the area. “I’m still engaged in research, and in fact am leaving tomorrow, July 21, to work for a few days with the research teams inside the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, on which I had done a lot of research back in the 80’s.  There are now remarkable teams of historians and material scientists analyzing every part of the building, and it will be exciting to see the dialogue that is taking place between these co-ordinated experts working on stone, mortar, metal, glass and wood - in addition to the historians working on the documents in the archives. All new findings will become available in an interoperable database; this is the first effort of its kind in a major building, and tremendously exciting. “
    Caroline Bruzelius
    24 C Bradbury Street,
    Cambridge, MA, 02138


Claflin alumnae min-reunion in Rockport June 2021

Trudy Hanmer writes that in early June, just before our 50th, she and Caroline Bruzelius, Nancy Folberth Constable, Lois Juliber, Kristin Mortimer, Brookie Chandler McColloch, and Jennifer Russell, got together for a few days in Rockport, MA.  One high point among many was a group sing-along to Brookie’s pristine copy of “Everything’s Better With Bluebonnet On It.”  

Alice Melnikoff reports that she retired in June after 23 years as the Community Service Coordinator for Belmont High School in Belmont, MA, where she oversaw service activities for the entire student body.  Her retirement timing was excellent as Alice and her husband, Joe Newberg, had recently welcomed their first grandchild, Julian, born last fall to her son Mark and wife Lexi.  Her work was highly regarded and clearly encouraged the development of a strong sense of ministering to others in the many thousands of young people she influenced, echoing our college motto.  Congratulations on a job well done, Alice !


On a sad note, condolences go out to the family of our classmate Ellen H. Bluestone, who passed away on August 11th.  (See obituary on our webpage or on our class Facebook page, including info on how to make donations in Ellen’s honor to the Student Aid Society.)


Please send your news and photos to Ann O’Regan Keary at