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Class Notes Spring 2022 - unabridged

This is the unabridged version of the class notes. The magazine has a 500-word limit.


Glenda Starr Fishman, our Class Treasurer for SEVERAL stints, writes that she has retired, after 11½ years as Finance Director at the Huntington Theatre Company, with a particularly consuming last 2 years, managing the Theatre through some major challenges: 1) the pandemic, with federal funded Covid-relief processes that brought $9M to sustain the Theatre while no performances were possible, and 2) a total renovation of the 95 year old Theatre building, started after a complex financing process was completed.  


Last day at the Huntington was October 2, 2021, after a 4-month onboarding process with my successor, but still now being consulted by him for guidance.  On October 3 we took our first pandemic flight to California to see our daughter Annie's family and attend a family wedding in Phoenix.  Returned to MA in mid-October, joining my husband Bob, who ended his law career at the end of 2020, starting to create a post-work life, continuing with Board service to another Boston non-profit theatre, to an inner city charter school and to Wellesley 1971.  Since then I’ve committed to serve on the Newton Cultural Council, for which I read grant applications from local arts organizations for Covid-relief funding and started Life Long Learning courses.  Also I have continued rowing on the Charles until the  on-the-water season ended, and spending every Friday day with our Medford grandchildren, as well as weekend overnights at our house with our 4-year-old granddaughter, Esmé, son Peter and his wife Ariel’s oldest child.


With my newly available time, and after a final decision to remain in our Newton home, we completed planning of the first "refresh" of our interior since 1992 and now are living next to a construction site as our bathrooms are being completely renovated, requiring us to move to spare rooms for several months with all our belongings.   With that project underway, we pivoted to another project which was not at all in our sights until after Thanksgiving ... we opportunistically happened upon a newly built house on Cape Cod and decided that we now had time in our lives to manage having a second home ... so we bought it !  We are now fitting it out with all that we will need to use it as a getaway for us, and for our offspring and friends.  Before Covid, we expected that our post-career time would include much travel, especially to California for time with Annie's family, but also to various destinations within the USA and abroad.  But with the spectre of Covid constraining travel, we expect that having this house will be a good option to vary our lives and share with family and friends.


After having to cancel a winter holiday trip to California and a mid-January trip to NYC, we hope that the Covid restrictions will abate so that we can resume our performing arts consuming and museum visiting as well as travel for in-person time with Wellesley friends.


Marcia Williams writes from Bainbridge Island, the lovely Puget Sound spot that is a quick ferry ride to Seattle:  Since retiring from the University of Washington, I have been enjoying new pursuits (writing children’s books) and working with several local non-profit organizations. One is PeaceTrees Vietnam, which removes “unexploded ordnance” (UXO) from the fields and villages of Vietnam. ( “UXO” is not landmines, but American bombs dropped during the Vietnam War that did not detonate and remain in the ground as lethal hazards.) The other organization is Bainbridge Island Japanese Exclusion Memorial Association, which is creating a National Park site to remember the 1942 Executive Order 9066, which incarcerated over 100,000 American citizens of Japanese heritage.  Bainbridge Island residents were the first group of Japanese-American families to be removed from their homes, so it is personally and painfully memorable here where I live.   Meanwhile, two of my four wonderful grandchildren live in Philadelphia, so my visits to them can happily always include time with Kate Kilborne Cornwell and Julie Burrow Winton, McAfee, ’71.


Short messages from a couple more class mates arrived just before the last Class Note went to the Editor:

From Roxanne Russell Phelps in Garland,  Texas --
“Loved my years at Wellesley! The Dept. of Latin and Greek was awesome. Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Lefkowitz, and Miss Dickison were outstanding!”


And from Miriam Luce – an update on her residence:  “After 44 years in my comfy Windham, N.H., home, I’m moving to the Portland, Maine, area. I hope to make contact with classmates who live nearby (Marcy, Judy, Peggy…).”