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Class Notes Summer 2022 - unabridged

1971 Class Note – Summer 2022 – May 6, 2022


Greetings all! Hoping that everyone is looking ahead to 2023 and starting to think about signing up for our mini-reunion in San Diego, Feb. 26 – March 2, 2023, arranged by our hard-working class officers.  Susanna Stevens Hamme, and Katie Cheney Creighton, our Co-VP’s, report that reservations are already coming in!  


 A few interesting stories on how some of us have negotiated the waters of retirement –-


    Joan Lister, in Williamstown, MA, reports that having retired from an active, full-time gynecological practice in western MA five years ago, she has found numerous continuing uses for her medical degree. During the pandemic she took on part-time volunteer work at a safety net clinic in rural MA and joined the Western Mass. Medical Reserve Corp, to help vaccinate residents in Berkshire County.  More recently she has also returned on a limited basis to her former gyn practice group. On the non-medical front, she has pursued her desire to learn Spanish, with a combination of immersion programs in Costa Rica and courses at Williams College. (Based on her recent experience she recommends that the study of a foreign language begin BEFORE age 65!)  She and hubby Steve Fogel, have the good fortune of having their sons, Will and Nick, both now married, located not too far away in Boston, conveniently residing in the same apartment building.

      From the West Coast, Katie Cheney Creighton, Oakland CA, notes that her second career, as an independent Landscape Designer, allowed her to retire slowly, just taking on fewer clients – winding down just prior to the pandemic.  While she still does some design consulting work, she no longer involves herself with the design and installation work. (“My MBA after Wellesley steered me to my first career in corporate Human Resources Management, but night classes in Horticulture and Design led to a welcome pivot after 20 years.”)  During the pandemic, she and husband Russell found skiing, hiking, biking, sailing and golf kept them sane, and she has also become more engaged in civic and political organizations, and her own gardening.  Cross-country trips to see friends and family during these difficult times reminded her of what is most important to her.  “The BEST part of retirement so far has been connecting more with people, including my Wellesley classmates.  Being the Co-Vice President of our class ROCKS !!”


     Personally, I too have enjoyed a gradual retirement transition. When I retired from my judicial career on the D.C. Superior Court seven years ago, I was appointed a “senior judge” and since then have worked several weeks a year, giving me an opportunity to remain engaged in rewarding judicial work, including presiding in the mental health diversion court which I helped start. I love having the rest of my time free to travel with my husband, Tom, and spend time with our three children, and our five Boston-based grandchildren, and our wonderful friends.


 Please stay healthy, and send your news and photos to me at !