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Class Notes Summer 2021 - unabridged

Nancy Constable (Montana)

I do Zoom with Claflin and if I ever have time, will join your Munger [first-year] Zoom. I'm still in MT, but heading back to MA in May.


My husband and I came to our house in Livingston, leaving MA a year ago tomorrow.  We met my daughter, her husband and their then 2 year old who left SF as the mayor was announcing the lock down there.  They packed only things that would fit in a suitcase, thinking they would be flying back in a couple of weeks.  For the next 6 months we all lived together (isolated together).  I took care of Quentin while his parents worked remotely for Google.  In September they had their second son, moved into my neighbor's house just 300 yards away and Quentin started at the local Montessori School.  How fortunate I have been to have this time with them.  We live at the end of a 2 mile gravel road, next to a large ranch, so contact with others is limited and Quentin has learned and loves so much about open spaces.  My daughter and I take him skiing at the local Ski area every week - he now rides the chair and skis with a harness.  Although I am no longer doing full time daycare, my time is taken up supporting them all.


So sorry we will miss our 50th. . . . but thanks for all you're doing to bring us together.


Mariel Harris (Connecticut)

Asked about kicking off reunion with a virtual tour of the Met, hosted by Pat Shevlin Holmes:

It was sensational! All the attendees who were on the Tower Court Zoom call on Sunday, right after the first presentation, raved about it. Everyone felt it was such a delight to see Pat in action, sharing her knowledge not only of the artwork but also of the social setting. She was engaging and articulate, sharing stories about the artists and subjects as well as the artworks.  In the best sense of the word, Pat gave us a great performance! 

Pat designed a highlights tour that allowed her to illustrate how one artist influenced another by juxtaposing their works, without having to walk from one wing of the museum to another and back again—a brilliant approach! We learned more about what it takes to become a docent during the Q and A.  


We are pointing toward an in-person reunion and/or mini-reunions as soon as it’s safe, probably in 2022, as a prelude to a big 55th celebration on campus in 2026.


Cathy White O’Rourke (New York)

Asked about kicking off reunion with a virtual tour of the Met, hosted by Pat Shevlin Holmes:

It was a true delight, even for someone who’s been in the Met a bunch of times.


Betsy Burgess (Reno)

In reply to:

Thank you for inviting the class to your docent tour of pre-Raphaelite art at the Nevada Art Museum. I looked up the Stonebreaker to see detail. Sorry not to see it in person. Do you like Nevada? Do you ski Tahoe in the winter?


It was so nice to see you there, and I’m glad you liked it! I really enjoy giving them - the research, the learning, the discovery, the discussions.


We’ve been to Boston, home and then Seattle to visit grandchildren. We still have a trip to Chicago to see the third family. The vaccine is wonderful! We have our wings back, and can fly (with masks, of course). 


We do like Nevada. We moved here from the Bay Area 7+ years ago, for golf and skiing. I don’t ski anymore, but my husband still does. We travel a bit in the winter to get away from the cold and snow. When there is no snow, we golf with layers and a cart cover. The Museum became a big part of my life right away. 


The only problem with Nevada became apparent this past year with the political environment.  However, our county and state went blue. 


I’m doing another tour on 4/15, same exhibition but completely different works and different approach to the history. 


And Betsy posted the later tour to the Facebook group

Greetings classmates, I would like to invite you to join a virtual tour of the current exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art called "Victorian Radicals from the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement." (Many thanks to those of you who joined on April 1. It was great to see you there. This tour takes a different approach and looks at totally different artworks.) The exhibition draws on works from the museum in Birmingham, England, and was originally curated by a professor at Yale. It addresses a period in English art, during the Victorian era, that was not covered in Art History 101.  (Yes, I was an Art History major and am really enjoying using that background as a docent.) The tour, like all tours at our Museum, will be discussion and conversation, not an art history lecture. It’s on Thursday, April 15 from 4-5 pm PT. I hope to see some of you there! Here’s the link to sign up, and use the code DOCENT to join without an admission fee. Enrollment is limited. I hope to see a few more of you there!