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Class Notes Winter 2022 - unabridged


        I concocted a reunion tour on east coast in late summer. Visited Betsy Bowman at L. Winnipesaukee, Candy Fowler and Anne Quisenberry on Nantucket, Amy Levin in Westport CT, Susan Fentin in western MA, Linda Gilmore in Maine, and Judith Nathanson outside Boston. Sometimes the east coast seems long ago and far away so it's special to enjoy it with great friends.  And on the west coast, it’s been great to connect with Meredith Davis and Ruthie Straus.

       Ann, first of all, many thanks for your work on this.  So appreciated, and really such a key way to stay connected, which turns out to be almost as much a part of our education as Art History 101 with Mrs. Vermeule and Mr. McAndrew!
I am lucky to be connected to classmates Christy Pennoyer and Alice Baldridge Wainwright here in New York, and by zoom to Sally Hall Hansel, Lucy Knowles and Melissa Dempsey Gerrity. Christy and I are better friends now than we were at Wellesley, which would probably be true of so many of us should we have the chance to re-meet as the women we grew into.  I have also gotten to see Margi Reeve in California, which is another  "new"  Wellesley friendship, as well as Nancy Bell Coe ['70].
     My own life takes shape around granddaughters--3 here now, 1 on the way--who amaze and thrill me, and fill my life with real joy.  Who knew??  I thought grandchildren were boring--but I guess that's other people's grandchildren... [Just kidding of course.]
    I continue to write--I have a book called "Mid-Air" coming out in May.  That amazes me, too.  My work was roundly rejected for most of my life, until suddenly, it just wasn't.  Suddenly there came a yes, although why that one yes instead of another no is as much a mystery to me as anything else. 
      The Pine Ridge Girls School continues to grow--or to be honest, to survive, which seems like enough at this moment.  The pandemic there has been a real setback.  The South Dakota governor seems to work actively against the Indigenous people there:  she encouraged a motorcycle rally of mostly unmasked anti-vaxers in the Lakota Black Hills in July, which, in the words of a spiritual leader who teachers Lakota at the School, "sent covid roaring back with a vengeance."  We are fully virtual again.  The Pine Ridge Reservation goes in and out of quarantine.  Still, we are graduating our first students this year.  Though there was a moment of hesitation in August, when we were wavering as to whether to push to open or take a break.  Our head had just quit; the ELA teacher followed her out the door.  We didn't have funding beyond November.  It was tempting to hit pause and close for the semester.  But then members of the Tribal Council called to say we had to open, the community would despair if we didn't.  And I realized how worth it it all was, how we were actually bringing light, especially now.  And here we are, alive and seeking a new head.  Managing to give out devices for all the girls, hot spots for those without internet, meals for everyone, college counseling donated by outsiders, and even outdoor convenings for ceremonies at sacred sites in the Black Hills.  Which one day, one of these girls will figure out a way to litigate back to the Lakota people.
Best to all,  Vicky Shorr

     We are reveling in a gorgeous fall in Maine. I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.
    I do have a bit of news to report. Peggy McGehee, Marta Nussbaum Steele, and I got together for a mini-reunion in the Boston area this summer. Despite the officially closed campus, attorney McGehee identified a loophole permitting outdoor, self-guided tours for prospective students and their families. With five granddaughters between us, we figured we qualified. Masks at the ready, we strolled through the botanic garden and arboretum, encountering ducks, rabbits, and deer – like us, emboldened by the pandemic drop in traffic. We only shared the suite atop Claflin for nine months, but the ties we forged have bound us together for a half-century.
That’s sisterhood!  Marcy
Marcy Black
225 Sea Meadows Lane
Yarmouth ME 04096
207 846-3711
      So fulfilling, connecting with other Pomeroy alums in leadup to the reunion! Thanks Susie and team.
COVID year busy with tasks as chair of local hospital's board and the arrival of a 4th grandchild. Leaning inward this past year was a learning opportunity that begged to be seized.  Fortunate not to lose family members to the pandemic tho was a year of loss of several friends.
     High hopes for 2022, including wedding of my 3rd daughter, a 5th grandkid, and a 2nd Caminho Portugues. Health holds steady, happiness at max, with family doing great, and joyous life with partner Jeff.  Happy Holidays.

    Thanks for the email. My first thought was I don’t have time to write something but here I go. For the past several years, I’ve been on the Board of New England Public Media, the new alliance of public radio and public television here in Western Massachusetts. Since January 2021, the officers of the Board (I was one if two co vice chairs) have been meeting via zoom weekly to work on one significant issue after another, with follow up work and meetings in between our Tuesday morning zoom sessions. In September, I became Board Chair, and it’s become even busier: we’re conducting a search for a new President and a new Director of Finance and Accounting, rehabilitating the former television site to accommodate both radio and television as well as other digital media operations, coordinating operations with our parent, GBH in Boston, and conducting a capital campaign. I find myself working 2-4 hours most days, a big change from my quiet retired life of a year ago. Couple that with drives to Vermont to see my 17 year old granddaughter’s soccer games and biking with my friends, and it’s been a very busy fall so far. But I’m committed to the role of public media in our world and happy that I can make a contribution.  We’re headed to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see my son and his family, so there’s that to look forward to. And maybe just maybe life will be back to a semblance of normalcy in 2022. One can only hope. Feel free to edit this as you wish. Thanks for tackling this task!  Be well and stay safe…

Susan (Guba) Fentin (Writing from Franklin County, MA, near the Vermont border)

   ELLEN McMONAGLE --My beloved sister-in-law, Patricia Sexton McMonagle, ‘66 died July 19, 2021, of Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy Body Dementia. Pat was a great influence in my life…the reason I went to Wellesley.

   Loved my years at Wellesley! The Dept. of Latin and Greek was awesome. Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Lefkowitz, and Miss Dickison were outstanding!

   After 44 years in my comfy Windham, N.H., home, I’m moving to the Portland, Maine, area. I hope to make contact with classmates who live nearby (Marcy, Judy, Peggy…).