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Class Notes Winter 2021

Class Notes Winter 2021


Constance Kallman

Cheers to all in 2021, which we greet with raised hopes and expectations.

Cheryl Manelis Smith writes, “As we all turned 70 this year, lots of reflection. I have been married to the same wonderful man, Peter Smith, since 1981. We both continue to work. I have been general counsel at Western New England University since 2000; Peter has a private legal practice in East Longmeadow, Mass.” They have two sons and two grandchildren. Cheryl notes, “We are all trying to cope with the COVID landscape.”

Sarah Marter became a grandmother “at last” with the October birth of Wes Hatfield Tran. She was able to visit for a few days when daughter Suzanne Hatfield and son-in-law Andrew Tran brought him home. They’re not sure when they can next gather in person but are all grateful for FaceTime and Zoom.

A busy social life is possible even in these times, according to Susan Sarvay: “A group of 17 of us, mostly from Stone, started meeting monthly on Zoom, and it’s been such a balm for our souls in these crazy times. It has strengthened our already unshakable connection, and much laughter always ensues! I additionally Zoom (now a verb) with the three Wellesley friends (Elizabeth Bassett, Faye Sinclair, and Mary Lane Stevens, plus her sister) who walked with me from Portugal to Spain last year on the Camino de Santiago—an unforgettable experience. And here in Portland, Maine, I am lucky to be able to walk and talk every week with Alison Eckert; I sometimes dine outdoors with Becky Hatch Gratwick and her husband. Hilary Bassett ’75 has joined us as well. So Wellesley remains an extremely important and rich part of my life, particularly during this isolating chapter. Love to all my ‘sisters’!”

As California anticipated a curfew and another lockdown in the fall, Kim Kahrilas wrote, “My mosaic work keeps me going. I am still teaching a bit, but who knows how long that will last?”

Zoom is taking over the world! Last October, career IRS lawyer Mary Helen Kryda Weber was responsible for managing the nation’s first-ever major tax court trial conducted entirely via Zoom. “That created a host of logistical complications,” she observes, “mainly with witnesses and documents and technology, on top of the usual difficulties.” The two-week trial involved international tax issues (read: major money). Also, Mary Helen was recently promoted to a position of national scope and responsibility over the largest and most complex litigation in the U.S. Tax Court. The new job allows her to remain in Cincinnati. Apart from work, she maintains her flute practice and French-related activities.

Cynthia Johnson, writing as Evelyn Richardson, has just published a new romance titled Mistress of Fashion (Camel Press), the first book of a projected trilogy called Ladies of Independent Means. Also available are the prequel, My Wayward Lady, and Cynthia’s many other titles. Inspired by Jane Austen, her work features Regency-era settings and happy endings—ideal for quarantine reading.