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The Wellesley Fund: What is it? Why does it matter?

Each year, Wellesley reaches out to its alumnae and asks for their financial support of "The Wellesley Fund". Gifts received from this annual effort provide the College significant help in funding its annual operating budget (including a significant amount of current use financial aid to support Wellesley's need-blind admissions policy) and also provide Wellesley the flexibility to pivot as new budgetary needs arise (such as unplanned repairs) during the year. 
Alumnae participation of the annual appeal serves another important purpose: while not a perfect measure, foundations and grant-making organizations use an educational institution's annual participation rate as a proxy for alumnae/alumni engagement. Every donor's gift, in any size, is included in the annual participation percentage. Our class participation has been superior and continues to improve each year. For the year ended June 30, 2019, 62% of our class contributed to The Wellesley Fund. 
In recent months, Wellesley's Board of Trustees and President Paula Johnson have reaffirmed the importance of The Wellesley Fund. President Johnson has become directly involved in developing communications about the annual effort as well as enhancing staff and volunteer training and resources.
Our class fundraisers continue to work on improving our annual results since we know our commitment to Wellesley's mission is so strong. We want to do our part to make the world a better place. If you have any questions, please contact Jane Risser, our Class Representative. (

Planned Giving: What is it? How does it relate to me?

The subject of Planned Giving to Wellesley is increasingly relevant to us as we begin to acknowledge that we aren't going to live forever and want to have some control over our financial legacies. Planned gifts, i.e., those gifts that will be received by Wellesley from our estates, enable us to benefit Wellesley and often support an area within the College of particular interest to us. Also, our estate (and heirs) can realize potentially significant estate tax savings through charitable tax deductions.
Now that we are in our 50th Reunion cycle, gifts of $10,000 or more to Wellesley that we have documented in our wills will be counted in our 50th reunion gift total. The process to notify Wellesley of these gifts intentions is straightforward: you can download the Bequest Intention for Gift Credit form at  Alternatively, you can contact the Gift Planning Office at 800-358-3543 or Some of us have already designated Wellesley as a beneficiary in our wills. If you have done so and haven't yet sent a copy of the bequest documentation to Wellesley, please do so in order the that Office of Gift Planning is aware of it. (See the above paragraph for the contact information.)
The second key Planned Giving element is a charitable gift annuity. This instrument allows you to receive a periodic amount of income at a guaranteed amount during your life. The rate varies depending upon when you choose to begin to receive the periodic payments. The structure of the annuity can vary widely and the Office of Gift Planning will work with you to tailor a structure that reflects your needs and intentions. Again, please contact the Office for further information. Or, feel free to reach out to Susan Remmer Ryzewic, 1973 Planned Giving Chair, at or 904-571-4022 (Ponte Vedra Beach,  FL) with any general questions about gift annuities or planned giving.