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Class Notes, extended version - May 2021

Class notes May 2021

Robin Stevens Vogel writes, “Strange to recollect that I wrote my would-have-been 45th Reunion biography from Laos, shortly before the world changed over a year ago. Since then I spent 12 weeks in seclusion with my husband Louis at our house in upstate New York before returning to work in Manhattan this past June. 

Louis is a Dermatologist and I run his practice; we have been working three days a week since June and returning upstate for long weekends. It is the most "livable" solution we have been able to find under the circumstances. 

We have not traveled together since February 2020 but I just booked a trip to one of our favorite spots, Curtain Bluff in Antigua, for Mother's Day week. With vaccines under our belts, we feel semi-safe to fly, though there is still some trepidation. 

I hope that all of our classmates are well and that a hopeful (and healthy) spring awaits!”

DeAnne Shearer is continuing her international business shipping containers of products from China into France, while still based in Brussels. In 2020, she set up manufacturing with Networks in Romania ( and is now employing disadvantaged Romanians

(who cannot read/write and live in homes without heat and running water) to replace Chinese production. This year they will manufacture over 200,000 products in Romania.

Amy Holden Jones writes, “The television show I created and run, “The Resident,” is finishing its 4th season on Fox and Hulu.  We have done 71 episodes so far.  A musical based on my film “Mystic Pizza” with music by Melissa Etheridge and many songs from 80s is in try outs starting in August.  I lost my husband of 40 years in September after a long illness and am adjusting slowly to solitude as our children, Emma and Patrick, are adults off on their own.  I have four darling step granddaughters and both my children and step kids live nearby, so family helps fill the void.  It’s been a challenging year that makes me appreciate how much I have even as we all miss what has been lost.”

Becky Morris Taylor says “Steve and I sold our house in Wellesley and moved to Northampton, MA, last August. One of the first people to reach out to me was Helen Clement, a friend of Evalyn Stone, from the Wellesley Club of the Pioneer Valley. (Thanks, Evalyn!)  Her welcome felt like a lifeline!  It was hard to leave Wellesley (lots of wonderful friends and memories), but it was time to downsize and simplify our life, and this move does that.  Now that we are both fully vaccinated, we are looking forward to exploring more and more of our new location, building new friendships, and putting down deep roots.  In March, after a 6-year term, I left the board of El Hogar Ministries (, so now I'm listening for what new thing may be calling me.  Stay tuned!

Sara Scherr is still living in northern Virginia, and leading the non-profit EcoAgriculture Partners. The big news about work is our launch of a new global collaborative – the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative ( I would love to hear from Wellesley alums working on sustainable agriculture and food systems, landscape restoration, climate and land use who might be interested to collaborate. 

On the personal side I am celebrating the birth in February of identical twin granddaughters Daisy and Luna, who join their sister Juniper (3) in San Diego, cousins Evie (7) and Solly (5) in Portland Oregon and honorary cousin NhaVy (4) in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe one of the 5 girls has a Wellesley future? My husband Alan Dappen (yes, the one who practically lived in our dorm my last semester) is well and back to playing ice hockey. His family medicine practice was super-busy during the pandemic; I am so grateful for the vaccine. May this next year be easier for everyone.