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Class Notes, extended version - December 2021

Ann McNamee says “After many years of development, my musical OTHER WORLD will be having its World Premiere! All are enthusiastically welcome to the Delaware Theatre Company’s run from February 23rd-March 20th. Updates are on our website," or at See video preview and review here:

Betsy Barr ventured up to Maine in mid October to a nephew’s wedding – first travel anywhere since Covid.  It was very nice to reconnect with family, and son and daughter-in-law came up from Texas to attend. Another niece (who is almost 60 – first marriage!) has a wedding in March in Florida, and a nephew (40) is getting married in Massachusetts in September. It’s true about people marrying later in life!  So wedding planning for daughter, Lila Durnan ’05, will probably be pushed back to sometime in 2023, to give the family a break from wedding-related travel and expenses.

Amy Jones Chapman continues “working far too hard on the television show I created, The Resident. We shoot in Atlanta, so I travel between my home base in Los Angeles where we write and edit, and our stages. Balancing work and quality of life is one of the themes this season. Big life changes happen to our characters, partly forced by life changes for our leads but also inspired by my own new widowhood, a major adjustment. The end of a forty five year partnership is an earthquake and a lesson in grief. I survive with help from friends, and a son who has been an angel.”

Becky Morris Taylor in Northampton, MA, says, “As I noted in my last correspondence with you, I have gotten to be good friends with Helen Clement (’76) who lives nearby. She and Evalyn Stone are longtime close friends. At the end of October, Evalyn traveled from her home in NYC to visit Helen. We turned this into a mini reunion by inviting Becky Hoag Atwood and her husband Paul out to Northampton for the day. (Mini-reunion photo on class website was taken that evening.)

On November 12, Jane Haltmaier and her husband John came for an overnight visit after spending time with their daughter. (Mini-reunion photo was taken the morning of November 13 before they left to return home to Virginia.)Both gatherings were a terrific chance to catch up. I am so grateful for the friendships, both new and older, that Wellesley has made possible!”

Marguerite McGrath Stanley says, “I am the proud grandmother of three adorable kids, and a step grandma to one college student who is a really great young man. My husband of 42 years and I live close to our three sons, who are all happily married. My husband’s son lives in Chicago with a lovely woman and we get to see them regularly. We downsized to a townhome in Mill Creek WA and are enjoying letting others do the yard work and roof maintenance. Our oldest son took over our financial planning business so we are truly retired!”

Dianne Goren Radtke reports that the “Fall Chicagoland Mini-Reunion was held on September 26th as a luncheon in Evanston, Illinois.  There are 10 Class of 1975 alums known to be in the area, we had seven in attendance:  Debora de Hoyos, Sally Grenville, Patricia (“Pat”) Mell, Laurel (“Laurie”) Breitkopf, Pier Rogers, Julianne Piatek and Dianne. The luncheon was held on the rooftop patio of Five & Dime Restaurant, a central location for both Chicago and suburban dwellers.  While everyone sort of knew each other, we went around the table catching each other up over the last 45+ years!  A great time was had by all and we left with the expectation of doing this again.”

As for me, Katherine Smith Collett, it’s a good thing I’m mostly retired, because I don’t know how I’d fit more into my days! I’m a warden of my Episcopal church, chair of our town Democratic committee; treasurer of our state senator’s campaign committee; on the board or equivalent of an Indivisible climate crisis group; a group creating local trails; a Climate Smart Communities group; and a new chapter of Wild Ones, working to increase biodiversity and habitat with native plants (; our chapter is Mohawk Valley Lawns Gone Wild). I frequently visit my son, daughter-in-law, and funny, loquacious grandsons Caden (almost 4) and Lucas (1 3/4), four hours away in Pennsylvania, and I get to see my daughter, Nicola ’10, a lot, too, when she comes up from Virginia to dote on her nephews. And we also visit often with our oldest son and daughter-in-law, who live only 20 miles away.

You can see photos in the class notes section of the magazine, at, and also on the class website at Some recent photos are in the Mini Reunions album and some in the Classmates and Families album.