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Class Notes, extended version - September 2021

Class notes September 2021

Dianne Goren Radke reports “in our December 2020 class survey, we asked who might be interested in volunteering for our Ambassador program, whereby one or more alums from a geographical area would be in charge of organizing and/or hosting mini-reunions (3 or more alums) as we are able to have get togethers (or in warmer climates, socially distanced get togethers during the Pandemic if there is interest). These alums form the Ambassador Committee under the guidance and assistance of the Class VP. We had 20 volunteers, thank you classmates!”
Charlotte Hayes, Ambassador from the Washington D.C. area, reports that she, Pam Farley Short and Dorit Schutzengel Heimer had a wonderful time at Jodie Ervay Bradshaw’s Marblehead MA home August 2-4. Lots of hugs, laughter and catching up. Jodie and her husband Carl are lifelong sailors and took the group out on a Jungle Cruise motorboat ride through the Marblehead harbors and to Manchester by the Sea, with tour guide quality narration provided throughout. A great time had by all! (Photo on website)

Becky Atwood says that she and Paul “are both retired and still live in our old house in Massachusetts. We work hard on our large blueberry patch and wholesale the fruit to two local farm stands. We also rent farm land to two local farms. I serve on our town Master Plan Committee and Cultural Council and keep track of care and finances for my mother. We enjoy the growing trail system in our town with its many bridges and boardwalks. One trail terminates right across the street and another at the far end of our fields. Our son's family relocated from Baltimore to Providence so we can see them frequently and even babysit for our grandson, Oscar. Our daughter and her husband live near Boulder, Colorado and recently visited us for the first time since the holidays of 2019.”

Fully vaccinated Beth Snyder Goss and husband Rollie were able to visit Chicago to celebrate the wedding of third son Emery in June after a one-year delay in the event. Son and new daughter-in-law live in Oak Park. Assuming travel restrictions are not too bad, Beth will be attending a 50th anniversary of a high school graduation class in Indianapolis. She is loving retirement and the freedom to travel on weekends again after 20 years of being a pastor. Sunday mornings always booked! New hobbies include genealogy and monitoring the public statistics on police activities for Fairfax County for racial equity, justice, and transparency. Beth would love to arrange a small get-together for other '75-ers in the Northern Virginia area, just to catch up. Seeing as how we missed most of the activities of our 45th Wellesley reunion, it would be nice to see you again ahead of our 50th at Wellesley. Contact her at if interested. There are lots of outdoor venues at wineries in Northern Virginia that need some exploration.

Laura C. Green, A.B. Chemistry, has been living in Hull, MA with her husband of 40 years, David E. Golan, and working from home. She’s President and Senior Toxicologist of a small consulting company, and finds that she still loves her work, though is thinking that perhaps a three-day or four-day work week might be a better fit these days.  Laura and David have two daughters and three grandsons, ages 6, 4, and ½ year-old … though all live in either Los Angeles or D.C., so she doesn’t see them quite as often as she would like. Such is life; though all in all, it’s a very good life indeed.

Jane Ramberg reports, “My husband and I moved to the tiny town of Twisp, Washington last October, 2020.  It's on the East side of the Cascades, about 4 hours from our two daughters, and a great place for hiking and cross-country skiing. And, a welcome change from Dallas, Texas!  Our younger daughter, Ava Bastian (Wellesley 2009 grad) gave birth to our first grandchild, Teddy, this May. Our older daughter Eleanor (Wellesley 2006 grad) recently married Allison Kramer (Wellesley 2006 grad) on August 8th on Whidbey Island.”

Maureen (Jake) O’Brien Wilson says, “This has been quite a year for our family!  Both our grandsons and their wives bought their first houses, albeit in PA. That is still close enough for a day trip. Then the younger grandson and his wife welcomed our first great granddaughter, Natalie Faye FitzGerald, on March 24.  This was all the more remarkable as they both survived covid during the pregnancy along with the baby’s grandmother, Karen.  We had our vaccines as soon as possible after a couple of unrelated covid exposures through my husband’s work. Yes, Jim is still working three days a week and he turned 83 in July! He is still trying to figure what he wants to be when he grows up! I’m still waging battle with the deer and now families of bunnies, skunk, and ground hogs. I think I am really just maintaining a buffet for the wildlife. I even relocated my tomato crop to the upper deck-10 feet off the ground - only to have every ripe tomato pilfered or damaged by the squirrels and the crows. I also learned the names for the “herds” of the animals as I faced off with a murder of crows, a fluffle of bunnies, a scurry of squirrels, a surfeit of skunk (it was -whew), and the usual gaggle of geese that frequent our pond. We now have four extended families that return every year. We also were fortunate to have a breeding pair of great blue herons and a pair of red tailed hawks nesting in the yard! We didn’t need to go anywhere for entertainment!”

The pandemic brought one gift to Martha Parry Clark: “a weekly call with Wellesley buddies who had grown apart. Mary Cushman Escherick, Susy Whitcomb, Martha Ruddy, Abby Franklin and I zoomed weekly for the past year and have had a hoot. It's my weekly belly laugh!” Martha continues, “My husband (Peter) and I are expecting our first grandchild (a boy) in a few weeks, so I am clearing my schedule so I can participate in his early life. I'm clearing some of my nonprofit commitments, we've recently downsized, and I'm  generally saying "no" to most new requests for my time. It's a new me, given that I've lived a busy life, full of leadership commitments and business-related travel. We'll see how long this new me lasts! It's an odd time. My husband and I are healthy and our lives continue with all the joys of family, work and friends, but the world around us seems to be unhinged. I wish you all the best navigating through it all.”

We have recently received news of the death of Catherine Doty Newhall (1939-2013). For a detailed look at her life, see her obituary at