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How I Became a Cannabis Prescribing Physician

On March 19th, Dr. Vollen shared the story of how she became a Cannabis prescribing physician and answered our many questions.

Dr. Laurie Vollen is a conventionally trained physician whose clinical practice is now exclusively devoted to medicinal Cannabis. When she began her career in medicine in the 1980s, she never imagined that she would become a Cannabis prescribing physician, much less devote half of her clinical career to helping patients harness the medicinal properties of Cannabis. But now she is sure glad she did. Lola, as she is known, shared the story of how she became a Cannabis prescribing physician and why she is happy (and grateful) to be one. 

Click on the title or Dr. Vollen's image or Read Story to see her biographical sketch and view the recording of this Virtually Verdant presentation.

In Memoriam

Sunday, May 15th

As we looked forward to our 45th Reunion and the joy of sharing each other's company, we took the opportunity to remember those classmates no longer with us, yet who remain a part of us in memory and spirit. Click on the photo or title above to read more and see a video of the service in which we remembered our departed classmates.

Sweat with Paulette

Sunday at 4pm Eastern:

March 12 and April 5

Join us for a fun hour of fitness, balance, strengthening, and stretching exercises with Polly Munts Talen, aka Paulette. Click on title  for registration info.


First page of the PDF file: KimIreneSherry

On January 22, 2023, two Jewish and one African American classmate led a discussion on anti-semitism in the US and at Wellesley, past and present. This was NOT a discussion of Israeli politics or the specific topic of Jews of Color; instead, it was a time to explore and challenge stereotyping and micro-aggressions.

The session emphasized building bridges and safety for all, whether Jewish, Palestinian, or from other marginalized groups. Discussions focused on common confusions or pitfalls, allowing for diverse viewpoints and how to hold the complexity of identities with empathy while supporting basic safety and rights.

Getting Started in Genealogy

Our classmate, Martha Vestal Clarke, helped us get started on genealogical research on November 6, 2022, while Laura Smietanka Jensen provided her insights on genealogy through genetic testing.

Here are the reference materials from Martha's presentation. Interview tips, family tree-building software, literature, websites, and various types of records and how to use them are included in these resources.

Click on the title or the photo or Read Story for Martha's background and a recording of this Virtually Verdant session.