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From the President

From the President

Dear Class of 1978:

Greetings from our recently constructed Class of 1978 virtual headquarters!

I would like to introduce what I hope will become regular features or modules of this site:

1. Apercus:  

Most of us have turned - or are about to turn - 60. By now, each of us has likely faced one of the "three D's": death of a loved one; divorce; or disability. Each of us has achieved a great deal but has doubtless suffered loss. I think it would be wonderful if we could share our now age-acquired wisdom - as articulated by others or ourselves - with one another.

The intention behind this is something very different from the Class Notes type of dispatches: "made partner," "daughter in college," or "retired." Rather than journalism, I think of this section of our site as something more akin to history or even philosophy. As the well-turned language of others is permitted, this section should be relatively easy to make a contribution to.

My inaugural contribution is an observation of Kierkegaard, that I think we are now experienced enough to appreciate: "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

Please share anything that touches you, moves you, helps you better understand this messy world we live in, or is otherwise meaningful to you. (These nuggets need not come from philosophers - Danish or otherwise!)

2. Mini-Reunions:

We are blessed with a far-flung class whose members reside all over the world [Paris, New York, Chicago - more examples needed] We are therefore fortunate to be able to attend mini-reunions in many locales. By now, you have likely heard about the mini reunion our Class VP,  Sally Katz, hosted in Paris recently or the mini-reunion our other Class VP, Lindsay Roberts, hosted in Chicago last year. The purpose of this section of the site will be to report on past mini-reunions and to give notice of upcoming ones.

Upcoming mini-reunions:

  - Anne Fahim will be hosting a mini-reunion in NYC on April 2. 
  - I will be hosting a mini-reunion in Camden, Maine in August. The plan now is to charter a windjammer to sail around Penobscot Bay, have a lobster bake on a nearby island and then return to Camden for cocktails at my home. Please email me at as soon as you can if you are interested. I have not yet fixed an exact date because I want to hear what date would work best for the greatest number of us. Please get back to me soon if you are interested: mid-coast Maine is quite popular in August.

Also, please let me know if YOU are interested in hosting a mini-Reunion.

3. Class B & B:

I think it would be nice if we could volunteer the use of our guest rooms or extra bedrooms to classmates visiting our home areas. I would like to use this section of the site as a clearing house to connect hosts and those seeking lodging.

4. Anything else: This can be an all-purpose section of the site to use as any of us sees fit. Examples might include requests for information on: caring for aging parents; retirement; helping with grandchildren (yes). Commentary on current issues, whether global or related to the College, would be another example. Any other contributions which are respectful and otherwise appropriate would be welcomed.

This is OUR site, ladies. Please let me know if you would like to see another section - a regular module - of our virtual HQ - installed!

With warm wishes for a joyful Spring,

Melinda Reingold, Sally Katz and Lindsay Roberts