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Participation is key!

We’d like to encourage all of you to make a gift — no matter what the size — this year and every year.

In Wellesley's FY20 (July 1, 2019 — June 30, 2020), we reached 41.5% participation, including 19 Durants.

To make a donation, please visit the Wellesley Fund.

Lifetime membership

We have 163 lifetime members in our class, and most of us joined by giving $100 a few years after graduation. The income from life memberships (still only $100) supports class activities, especially reunion (and we’re hoping to have a great one in 2025!). All life membership funds are invested with the College in its pooled endowment fund. Classes receive a check for the income that is generated each year, which grows through investment returns and additional life memberships. For more information and how to join, email:

Lifetime members:

(by College Last Name)

Elizabeth Ahearn Lynn

Leslie Allen

Annginette Anderson

Jill Asplundh Kosek

Suzanne Attenborough

Susan Bach

Marjorie Bahlke Harrison

Susan Bahn

Maury Barondes Bohan

Amy Bender Klion

Bettina-Sophie Beythan Witteveen

Elizabeth Blank Braun

Lesley Blumen Macherelli

Ann Bosso Quick

Nancy Buck McCormick

Margery Cahoon Parker

Maria Pia Carpinito Dimitrakos

Celia Cart

Veronika Caslavsky

Martha Childs Alix

Irena Choi Stern

Susan Clark Gerow

Katherine Clifford Cates

Sally Cohen

Brenda Connell O'Brien

Kathryn Cornelius

Emily Cross

Sandra Davis

Lisa de Marinis

Indira Desai Desai-Christie

Eadie Dietz Ferretti

M. Darby Dyar

Lauren Eastwood

Jane Emerson

Elisa Emperor Emperor Crum

Alana Erickson Coble

Susan Faulkner

Bernadette Fendrock

Catherine Field

Elizabeth Finicane Fellows

Mary Flannery

Virginia Fowler

Deborah Foye Kuenstner

Margaret Fullerton Peyrard

Elizabeth Ginsburg

Nancy Giordano Turner

Holly Goldberg Goldberg Sloan

Nancy Gooden Westenberg

Leslie Gould Nassar

Corinne Grant Berendt

Betsy Greenberg Bohrer

Elizabeth Greene

Linda Greene

Pamela Grich

Julia Grimwade

Nancy Hagner

Arlette Harada

Amy Harvey Reese

Allyson Haut

Elizabeth Hawkins Hosch

Diana Hazard Alan

Sarah Heacock Menchaca

Grace Henry MacLean

Eleanor Horrigan Spyropoulos

Cecily Horton

Joan Huffer

Cait Hynes Graca

Katherine Jantzen

Dorothy Kahn Miner

Jane Karas

Kathleen Kiernan Largey

Paula Kilimnik Himeles

Kim Kinzer

Sally Klingensmith Hoff

Lucille Knight

Cara Koehnk Noble

Suzanne Kunda

Andra Larson

Signe Leiby Orlow

Anne Leifer

Jennifer Light Gage

Eva Linfield

Amy Little

Ann Loeffler Kotz

Beth Ann Loveland Sennett

Jennifer Lund

Leslie MacLellan Puth

Cynthia Maglaque Meier

Audrey Mandela

Catherine Manion

Amy Markowitz

Joan Martin

Kate Mastroianni

Robin Maxwell

Robin McHeffey St. Louis

Moira McNamara Schoen

Amy Middendorf Givler

Linda Milhaven

Lynn Miller Hynes

Lynn Miller

Anne Miller Parrish

Grace Mills

Colleen Moran Boland

Julie Morgan Rusch

Catherine Mummert Mount

Lesley Nelson Tolman

Allison Nevin McCabe

Jeannette Noyes

Pamela Ohman

Margaret Olsen Taber

Ann Palik

Mary Jane Palm

Sylvia Parker

Laura Perlo Meyer

Jennifer Phillips Nagode

Wellner Poppe Poppe-Tremallo

Tania Pouschine DeGroot

Audrey Prashker

Cheryl Publicover Dewees

Lisa Raggi Conrad

Rebecca Raine Cooper

Jill Ratain

Margaret Reardon Gilligan

Mary Reynolds

Kathleen Riso

Melissa Robson Bessey

Constance Rodis Prose

Mary Anne Rosenthal Salmon

Lucille Rossi

Elizabeth Rowe Wilder

Carolyn Rudisill Wayt

Joan Russler O'Neill

Susan Saltzbart Kilsby

Laurel Samson Starks

Marcia Saunders Scheiner

Nancy Scheurwater Hunter

Christine Schon Marques

Cynthia Schubert Westerman

Caren Schuchat Ferris

Helen Selle

Margaret Senghas Gibbons

Catherine Shaffer

Lottchen Shivers

Ghoncheh Sirossi Jebsen

Alison Snow Perrella

Brook Soltvedt

Mary Spyropoulos

Stephanie Stringos

Roberta Sydney

Kathleen Thompson

Deborah Trefts

Tacy Trippe

Mary Tynan Partington

Rose Wallent

Debra Wells Miller

Naida Wharton Wharton

Penny Wiedenman Vigilante

Diana Wilkins

Julie Wojtanowski

Stephannie Wood

Loretta Yenson

Kathleen Yocca Coleman

Wendy Zimmerman

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