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From the President

Hello to the Class of 1981! As your Class President for the term from 2016-2021, I have been grateful for the opportunity to lead our great team of officers over the last five years and get to know so many of our wonderful classmates. Since our last reunion, I’ve met with classmates in Bend, Oregon, Phoenix, Chicago, Boston and Cape Cod. I’ve had conversations with some of you from California, Florida, and points in between. What strikes me in all of these encounters is the bond we share from our years at Wellesley and from the alumni connections we’ve made in the nearly four decades since. Because of that bond, I may meet one of you for the first time but feel like you’re an old friend. I truly look forward to many more opportunities to get to know you.

At 500+ strong, we are a venerable force of women. We represent an incredible diversity of backgrounds, family dynamics, professional experience, goals and passions. I love reading our last Record Book to get a glimpse of the lives of more than 200 of our classmates. Our new 40th year Record Book is in the works and is looking to be just as wonderful. In some ways I see the photo of us on the Chapel steps from 1981 and feel like we are still those young, ambitious, energetic women. But we are better! We are still young at heart, open to new opportunities, and energetic as we seek new ways to stay fit, engaged and happy. I hope you have had an opportunity to meet our class officers: Jill BristowPenny SawyerJen Colagiuri EcclesAnthea Raymond, and Mary Baker Wiley. Our team brings enthusiasm, creativity and skill to the task of leading our class.

I hope each of you will find classmates in your local communities, through Facebook, at mini-reunions, and as you travel. Find out who lives in the city (using the Directory) where your next trip takes you, and reach out to someone!


Carolyn Whitney Bosserman

  1-9-8-1 WELLESLEY RAH!