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AN INTERVIEW: Class of '83 Scholarship Recipient Sherley Maximin '22 as told to Wendy Salz


WS: Why did you choose Wellesley?  

SM:  I did not choose Wellesley, Wellesley did. When applying for college I wasn’t aware of a school like Wellesley, mainly because I was still new to the US at that time. At the time of my college application process I had been living in the US for about a year. It was pointed out to me by my former ESL teacher at Malden High and I started my research from there. I was particularly amazed and attracted by the fact that somewhere on earth there’s an institution of higher education whose mission is to provide women with the necessary tools to become agents of change and  progress with all the brilliance and grace there is and that compelled me to question and understood that with regard to what I stand for, my past actions as a young leader, advocate, and dreamer, a school like Wellesley wasn’t just another school on my list but one that I would be lucky to get admission into. And any school who can claim such power is the one choosing you, not the other way around.

WS:  What is your most prized accomplishment in life so far and why?  

SM:  My constant, most prized accomplishment is my mother’s pride towards the woman, the scholar, and the agent of change that I am gravitating towards. But one of the most recent accomplishments I am very proud of is being the 2018 first place winner in the 12th Annual Israel Arbeiter Holocaust Essay Contest. It is my most prized achievement to date because the essay contest was the first project in which I had the chance to vigorously and publicly stand up against injustice and saw my voice reach an audience that I would never imagine could be this colossal; to speak on behalf of an entity that expressed both pride and, somehow, gratitude towards what I’ve done. Therefore seeing my work celebrated in that way made me gratefully proud. And the fact that it represented more than my own voice and claim such a significant cause had given me a glimpse of  the quintessence that I hope to find in any meaningful venture in which I participate.

WS:  What class would you never want to take?  

SM:  I’ve always expressed some sort of degree of interest towards a lot of departments at Wellesley, but the departments for which I don’t anticipate any unforeseen desire towards are the exotic languages. Among all the numerous possibilities of majors I considered so far none of them appeared on my lists at any moment.

WS: In what ways do you hope to use your Wellesley education/experience?  

SM: I am, surprisingly, still on the path of deciding what I want to major in at Wellesley. This came as a product of both new found interest and realization that paths that once felt solid were not so anymore. But whatever I end up choosing I am sure about one thing in particular: it will be translated into sharing what I’ve learned to others while building a path that will lead to more openings. 

WS: In what other ways, if any, would you like the Class of 1983 to support you?

SM: I am very grateful and satisfied for the support that I got from the Class of 1983. It is a resource that I would not be aware of if not for the inherent Wellesley instinct to help out and support other fellows. I can not name any specific need for which I might want the support of such entity but as we all know it, a path to any career or anything of that nature might appear to be daunting at times. Therefore, any form of support from those who’ve gone down the path that I am trying to forge for myself would be a precious gift.

That being said, I want to take this moment to thank the class of 1983 for supporting young women like me. Thank you for keeping the chain tied and give others the privilege of foreseeing what it should look like.

WS  What class are you dying to take? 

SM:  I am dying to take more Philosophy seminars and Chemistry classes that focus more on research.

WS:  What advice would you give to the Sherley who will graduate from Wellesley?

SM:  I would say to her to make the most out of Wellesley while gradually expand her intellectual hunger and to have fun in the process even at times where it seems to be the last thing to think about.

If you want to hear more about Sherley, let me know. I will be talking with her again soon.

In case you missed the link above, here is her honored essay, "The Night of Broken Glass, The Broken Promises."

If you would like to make a gift -- of any amount --- and designate it for the Class of 1983 Scholarship Fund, you will know exactly how your gift is helping a Wellesley student. You will be a star among a class of other stars by helping our one and only Banana Class reach this year's Participation Goal by June 30th. When it is announced in July that we achieved our goal, you can smile because you made it happen. Here is the super easy link.THANK YOU!