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To those of you who have already made a gift to The Wellesley Fund for the 2021 fiscal year (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) THANK YOU! We are at 13.3% on our way to a goal of 50%.

Perhaps you make a gift each year and don’t need a reminder from the College or one of your classmates. Perhaps you make a gift, but appreciate a reminder from a classmate. Perhaps you’ve never given to The Wellesley Fund and don’t know why you should. Here are five reasons to make a gift in this fiscal year:

1. Wellesley is incurring significant additional costs this year related to running the College during the pandemic.

2. Gifts to The Wellesley Fund provide an opportunity to make an immediate impact for students.

3. Financial aid, the residential experience, and Faculty & student research are supported by gifts to The Wellesley Fund

4. A high participation rate amongst alums means better national rankings, stronger financial ratings, and greater appeal to prospective students.

5. Making Wellesley accessible to students from all walks of life is only possible through the generosity of our alum community; without adequate funding “need blind” admission won’t be possible.

At the volunteer training hosted by the Wellesley College Alumnae Association (WCAA) this October, we heard a phrase describing Wellesley students today that stuck with me: embrace, engage & empower. When I say these words to myself, they inspire me and make me feel connected to the students of today.

Please make your gift today at Reach out to any member of our committee with questions: Harneen Chernow, Marie Clougher, Elizabeth Uroff Colt, MaryAnne Gucciardi, Liz Hiser, Janet Krevolin,Ellen Scordato, Valerie Sill, Alice Yurke

THANK YOU for supporting our alma mater.

Laura Wood Cantopher

Wellesley Fund Rep

President-elect, WCAA

P. S. - Interested in joining our committee, please email me at