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The Class Treasury supports Class activities, including mailings, mini-reunions, and in particular, our reunion every five years at Wellesley. Even if you have not attended reunion, paying in to the Class supports us keeping in touch with each other and keeps the Spirit of 1988 alive. In addition, paying in to Lifetime Dues means you are investing in reunions for decades to come, and you might very well want to attend our 50th or 75th! Gifts to our class are tax deductible.

Here is how Lifetime Dues works. When a class member pays Lifetime Dues, the class uses that money to purchase a share or shares of the Wellesley Endowment Fund, depending on how much each share costs at the time of the Dues being paid. Then our class receives investment income from the Endowment every year, based on the number of shares owned, and how much interest the Endowment earns that year. The more people who pay Lifetime Dues, the more shares we own, and the more interest we make!  So, you can always give to this fund, even if you already paid Lifetime Dues.

Here are the current giving levels:

  • Annual Dues to the Class is now $19.88, and it is intended that this amount would be given every year. 
  • LIFETIME Dues, which gets you out of the annual obligation, is now set at $288. 
  • CLASS SUSTAINING MEMBER: a recognition of those who have contributed significantly to class dues, has been set at $750 or more. These names will be published (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous) on our class Facebook Page and in our newsletter once per year. 
  • HOT, HOT, HOT! If you are really feeling inspired (or just spending down someone else's inheritance), you can become a Red Hot Superstar with a gift of $1,988 or more! 

Once the last member of our Class passes, the shares do revert to the College, so ultimately we will be helping our alma mater as well as our Class!  Please let me know if you have any questions about Lifetime Dues, or anything about the Treasury! You can best reach me at:

Thank you!

Lee Ann Anderson, Treasurer

Here is a list of those who have paid class dues.