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Support 1989!


Our class treasury has a healthy balance of approximately $40,000 as of May 2018. This is the result of good stewardship and over 25 years of collecting dues payments, dividend income generated by Class Life Memberships and fundraising. Treasury funds are used to finance ongoing class outreach including mini-reunions and class mailings, and most importantly, the subsidy of on-campus reunion events, entertainment, and the Reunion Record Book. 

Membership Basics

Our class collects dues which fund the class treasury – the more we have, the more we can do. All class dues are tax deductible. Please select one of the two participation options:

  • Class Life Member – Make a one-time payment of $89. This adds you to the list of Class Life Members and enables the class to purchase shares in the College endowment. These shares generate our greatest ongoing source of income and help us build our reserves year after year.
  • Annual Dues – Pay $25 once a year. These funds go directly into our class account. While we cannot use them to buy shares in the endowment, the money helps us continue to do good work for you!

Current Class Life Members

Check here to see if you are a full or partial Class Life Member (effective May 2018). 

IMPORTANT NOTE about Partial Class Life Membership Payments: The College no longer tracks partial payments toward Class Life Membership Dues. After our 30th Reunion, any remaining partial payments toward Class Life Memberships will be absorbed into the treasury as Annual Dues, and will no longer be counted toward the classmate’s Class Life Membership balance. Please take this opportunity to become a full Class Life Member. Your partial payments may be made either by check or via PayPal.  

How to Pay Dues

To become a new Class Life Member or make an Annual Dues payment, you may select from the online payment links below. To make payments via PayPal, please send your dues to: To pay via check, please contact Mikal Sebens Celentano at for the mailing address.

Questions? Email Mikal Sebens Celentano at