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Reunion and Class Update: In the days of COVID

Hello Purple people (in a pandemic)!

As we all continue to try to adjust to a new “normal," we the reunion committee hope this finds you well.  We want to update you on where things stand regarding our class activities now that we won’t see each other in person for our 30th reunion.  

There are no plans currently for a virtual reunion except for the "2020 Annual Meeting of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association which will take place online at 11 a.m. EDT on June 6. All alums are invited to join the gathering, which will include an address from President Johnson. Alumnae Association President Martha Goldberg Aronson ’89 will lead the live, virtual event, in place of the assembly traditionally held during reunion. An invitation with details will be sent". (quoted from an email sent by WCAA)

So, any gathering of our class will be driven by the class itself.  We have worked on several aspects of reunion  planning and in this current situation, some things are progressing and others, stalled. 

First - we have a slate of officers for the 2020-2025 term for your consideration!  Thanks to Meg Malone, our nominations chair, for her hard work getting this together!  We even have a choice to make for secretary!  Voting will be via survey monkey, and we await input from WCAA about when and exactly how.  

President: Teri Cotton Santos
Vice President: Julia Porter Plowman
Treasurer: Shelli Alexander Merritt
Secretary: Melissa Bishop or
                   Co-secretaries Nicole Pollard and Kim Jemison
Class Fund Representative: Kristin Larsen

Thank you for volunteering, nominees! The current 30th reunion committee is committed to staying on board to help plan whatever becomes of the 30th, so these officers only have to focus eventually on the 35th.  The more help there is, the easier all of this becomes.  

Second - From your record book chairs: 

Hey, our Purple Passion Queens!
We hope you are all doing well during these trying times.  
As you may know, we were planning to create a record book despite the reunion cancellation.  Unfortunately, after much deliberation, the Reunion Committee has decided that production is not feasible at this time.  We appreciate all of you who submitted photos and filled out the questionnaire.  We will be deleting the form, pictures, and affiliated e-mail account in the near future.
We were delighted to serve as co-chairs of the Record Book Committee and are disappointed that it did not materialize as we would have liked.
We look forward to seeing you in the future.
Best regards,
Nicole Pollard & Kimberly Jemison, Co-chairs

Third - There is now a new platform for the college hosted class website.  This has changed how this letter looks, and the possibilities for hosting pictures and documents, including video, are definitely expanded.  It is still a challenge to learn and we are working on it.  It gives the option of protecting things behind a login and this will be useful for privacy issues. The website address is

We created our own independent website for the class that avoids the need for the login, although we encourage you to have a college login.  However this site is an easier access point for many and we are going to use it for posting the zoom meeting schedule, which we can do with password protection. The site is and the zoom meetings will be posted on the “class hang out” page with password “Unshaven1990”  We have already had several zoom calls and are learning how best to use that platform to connect. We will also post planned meetings on the facebook page.  

Next Zoom is 5/16/2020 at 8:00pm.  This is for socializing, and we might even try do this as a watch party as it is at the same time as the national Obama graduation speech.  Any and all ideas for how you would like to connect on zoom or other platforms are welcome.  This is a marathon not a sprint, and given the lack of an in person reunion we are looking at this as an alternative way to stay connected.  How have you made these methods work for you so far?  Breakout rooms? Topics?  

Last but not least — The current class officers will call a meeting of the class sometime around the time of Reunion, as we would have done in person, to welcome the new officers and do the business of the class.  Tentatively planning this for sometime on the weekend of June 12th as I am now on call for what would have been our Reunion weekend. 

These are strange and challenging times, and as a class, finding creative ways to support each other during them is a way to leverage our collective power.  Any and all suggestions, please send to, or reach out on facebook.

Stay safe and stay home as much as you can.  We will be in touch. 

 - Vanessa and all your reunion committee members