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Volunteer Leadership

Many, many, many thanks to them for all their hard work in making our 25th truly epic!  

‚ÄčAdditionally - see below for a list of just SOME of the '90s who pitched in to help with our 25th Reunion.

Your Class Officers
Sarah Curi – President and Wellesley Fund Representative
Cassindy Chao – Vice President
Variny Yim – Secretary

Jane Freedman – Treasurer

Your Reunion Tri-Chairs
Hannah Lefkowitz Bahl
Vanessa Pinto Johnson
Susan Langan Masterman

Your Wellesley Fund Committee
Sarah Curi – Chair

Brigette Buchet
Michelle Cobb Dowling
Wendy Harlan
Tamara Hendrickson
Kimberly Johnson
Kristin Larsen
Chris Bicknell Marden
Brandi Martinez
Ivy Yeh Nagahiro
Colleen O'Hara
Sara Prout
Nancy Cashman Rau
Sona Tipnis Schuermann
Variny Yim

Your Durant Committee 
Cassindy Chao – Chair and Gift Planning Chair
Shou Sen Cheam
Tricia Hayes Christensen
Sarah Curi
Michelle Cobb Dowling
Jane Cohen Freedman
Stephanie Gertz

Your Record Book Committee
Chris Bicknell Marden – Chair
Susan Brandzel
Tricia Hayes Christensen
Celena Sun Jacques
Kimberly Johnson
Janet Lennon-Jones
Pam Havlick Hearn
Amy J. Putnam
Nancy Cashman Rau
Karen McSweeney Whitley


Nominating Committee
Kristin Dykema Barbieri – Chair

Artists in Residence

Amy J. Putnam – Photography Chair and Record Book Photo Credit / Webmistress

Alison Humphrey – Reunion Logo Design

Kate Rutter – Record Book Cover Design


Memorial Service Committee

Sue Whitehead – Minister

Peggy O’Connell


Insignia Committee
Cassindy Chao
Chris Bicknell Marden

Our Reunion Ambassadors
Kim Johnson – Goodwill and Onsite Coordination

Kristen Dykema Barberi – Goodwill  

Julie Sullivan Atwood – Saturday Morning Yoga
Ann Celi – Music

Stephanie Gertz – Special Needs Chair

Gretchen Wells Clarke – Dorm Decorations

Abigail Christmann – Mixologist, Friday After Party Host

Nancy Cashman Rau – Sunday Brunch Host


Also -- MANY THANKS to those who've served as Reunion Chairs for past reunions.

  • Susan Cushing
  • Molly Donovan
  • Angela Li
  • Pamela (Lieske) Millard
  • Karen (McSweeney) Whitley
  • Devon (Dornan) Winey
  • Marcie (Mandelbaum) Zeitlin.

Our Past Reunion Chairs we ably assisted by many Reunion Volunteers:

  • Alison (Korites) Rabschnuk
  • Brenda Bachman
  • Cassindy Chao
  • Celena (Sun) Jacques
  • Christine (Dumlao) Gaspar
  • Denise (Robbi) Arena
  • Denise Kelly
  • Donna Dodson
  • Elaine Merguerian
  • Elizabeth (Hollister) Rogomentich
  • Emily (Klotz) King
  • Heather Imboden
  • Joyce Anagnos
  • Karen (McSweeney) Whitley
  • Kimberly (Jones) Jemison
  • Laura (Lacchia) Rose
  • Lisa Gennetian
  • Noelle Galperin
  • Patricia Taylor
  • Paula (Zoino) Dimidis
  • Sara Prout
  • Sarah Curi
  • Stephanie (Walker) Jennings
  • Vanessa (Pinto) Johnson
  • Wendy Harlan