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Lost Classmates - Can you help us find them?

Lost Classmates - Can you help us find them?

We have a number of "lost" classmates. "Lost" classmates are defined by the College as people who have had mail returned three times. The email address may still be good, but if the hard address is bad, they are removed from the ranks of contactable alums. If you are or know any of the people on the below list, use the following methods to update the information.

How an Alum Can Update Their Record:


This e-mail address can be used to update one’s personal information such as mailing address, employment or educational information, e-mail, phone number, or name changes.

Phone: 1.800.339.5233

This recording line is used exclusively for updates to alumnae’s personal information.

College Policy on Acceptable Update Sources:

  1. Name changes (last names or preferred first names) must come from the alumna herself and can be submitted to the College by e-mail, phone or mail.
  2. Address and phone number changes can come from the alumna, from a friend or relative, from class or club officers, or from the post office. Be wary of address and phone number information found online, as it is often outdated or inaccurate.
  3. Information on employment, graduate degrees, spouses, children, birth dates, and non-Wellesley volunteer activities can come from the alumna, from a friend or relative, from class or club officers, and from magazines and newspapers
  4. Ethnicity and social security numbers are only accepted directly from the alumna.
  5. Wellesley volunteer information should come from the group for which the alumna volunteers or from the office that works with that group.

First Name College Last Name Last Name
Mary Allen Allen
Diane Holmes Anderson
Fondo Bokembya Bokembya
Maressa Grieco Brennan
Emma Buls Buls
Alys Cho Cho
Esther Cho Cho
Lauren Chung Chung
Beatrice Cody Cody
Sarah Crain Crain
Janine Crevatas Crevatas
Gaia De Dominicis De Dominicis
Katherine Deans Deans
Amy Droskoski Droskoski
Amy Elias Elias-Gauthier
Susan Esposito Esposito
Elizabeth Katzka Feifer
Veronica Fofang Fofang
Gillian Frazier Frazier
Vivian Fu Fu
Jendin Needham Geisler
Elizabeth Gorgue Gorgue
Jennifer Haines Haines
Janet Han Han
Gillian Harkins Harkins
Whitney Lake Harlan
Catherine Harrington Harrington
Jin Ho Ho
Mary Hochella Hochella
Christin Hokenstad Hokenstad
Annette Huntington Huntington
Achara Israsena Israsena
Maisley Jones Jones
Jane Puckett Kang
Kristina Kaufman Kaufman
Birungi Kayiira Kayiira
Allison King King
Emily Kokernak Kokernak
Amy Koren Koren
Elena Krasnoperova Krasnoperova
Tomoko Kurokawa Kurokawa
Lisa Lau Lau
Alyssa Bressler Levi
Aun Ling Lim Lim
Sandra Lim Lim
Judy Liu Liu
Dawn Meleski Meleski
Shanta Kumar Messerli
Jane Murdock Murdock
Alison Neal Neal
Elsbeth Peshel Peshel
Alexandra Pickersgill Pickersgill
Michelle Plantec Plantec
Emily Prough Prough
Julie Rehmeyer Rehmeyer
Alyson Richman Richman
Radiah Rondon Rondon
Mona Ross Ross
Melissa Veloso Salke
Laura Schoening Schoening
Svetlana Shcheglov Shcheglov
Hsinya Shen Shen
Andrea Sherwood Sherwood
Kristin Temple Temple
Trang Tran Tran
Vanessa Waltz Waltz
Ayanna Wooding Wooding
Elizabeth Yoon Yoon
Jennifer Yung Yung