This online Wellesley community is home to all the ways you can stay connected to alums near and far. Choose the groups you want to be part of, search for Wellesley friends, or find networking connections through the Hive. There are many ways to keep Wellesley in your life and we are happy you are here!

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Give back to your class!

What does it mean to become a member of your class? und are directed to the specific class (for us: The Wellesley Class of 2000) and can be collected either as annual dues or as Lifetime Memberships. These donations are also tax deductible.

  • Annual Dues: These tend to be lower amounts paid yearly to the Class Treasurer and contributes to funds that can immediately be accessed for class activities (e.g., mini-reunions, reunions, campaigns).

  • Lifetime Memberships: These are higher amounts paid once to the Class, and are invested in the Wellesley Endowment annually. The Class is paid the interest from the investment and those monies are available to be accessed for class activities.

Want to be a member?  Email Bernadette Hornig at