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 June 2019

Dear Class of 2010,

We know you get many requests to donate to the College, and want to differentiate between the requests that you receive. Paying class dues is different that donating to the Wellesley Fund. The Wellesley Fund is used to help finance the College's operations, financial aid programs and maintain the campus. Donations to the Class of 2010 only benefit the class and are used to fund class activities like the reunion we just had. 

You have two options for paying class dues. The Annual Dues are $30. This fee is payable annually to the class and gets deposited directly into the class bank account. Lifetime Membership is a one-time payment of $300. This money gets invested alongside the Wellesley endowment. Many classes receive thousands of dollars each year from this nest egg. The income earned annually from these invested funds is used to support class activities especially for our 25th and 50th reunions as well as helping defray some reunion expenses for class members though our class spirit fund.

The class has achieved its goal of 25 lifetime memberships by June 2015! The more lifetime memberships that we receive now, the stronger our class will be in the future. Our goal is to have 120 members--20% of our class--by our 2020 reunion. 

What does your Lifetime Membership do?  
  • The $300 is invested alongside the Wellesley Endowment - our class will receive dividends on this donation every year for the rest of time.  This is the highest impact way to donate to our class.
  • This money is used to build our 2010 Community: Wellesley Reunions, Local Mini-Reunions, and memorials
  • We also contribute to a class spirit fund that defrays reunion costs for class members that would otherwise have trouble attending
  • This is a tax deductible donation
  • It is used only to support the Class of 2010 and is different from the general Wellesley Fund

If you would like to give to the Wellesley Fund, please visit



Even if you cannot become a lifetime member, please consider paying annual dues ($30)

  • This money goes into our Class of 2010 fund as a one-time deposit.
  • If you already paid annual dues but would like to upgrade to a Lifetime Membership, please contact Laura Murphy to get your annual dues put towards a Lifetime Membership balance.

Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions on how the class can be more effective at communicating our message, please email Laura your feedback.

You can pay your dues by using the checkout link below, Venmo-ing us @Wellesley2010 or sending a check made out to "Wellesley Alumnae Association" to Laura Murphy (350 Park Avenue, 6th Fl, New York, NY 10022). You will receive a confirmation email from one of our officers and your name will be added to the list of classmates who have given on our Class of 2010 website Membership page. Thank you for giving!

Class of 2010 Alumnae Board


A special thank you to those that have

already become Lifetime Members:

Jacqueline Stolzenberg

Christine Chen

Alexandra Solimano

Lia Napolitano

Kaitlin Lebbad

Mair Roberts

Darshini Patel

Maria Fatima Lewis

Katherine Gosling

Laura Staffaroni

Jessica Planos

Janine Hegarty

Krista Kasper

Lauren Allison

Kellen Riley

Claire Thoma

Laura Powell

Soumya Srinagesh

Laura Murphy

Marjahn Golban

Megan Strait

Jackie Valentine

Jane Zhao

Marion Glickson

Rebecca Shuford

Meaghan Daley

Alice Cummings

Megan Goossen

Flo Doo

Emily Zia

Sheena Thomas

Caroline Phillips Rodin

Elizabeth Dixon

Deborah French

Stefanie Chan

Yuan Li

Elizabeth Kane

Anonymous (1)