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Hey 2016ers!

Wow, time flies! Our 5th Reunion is fast approaching and we are excited to announce OUR 2016 CLASS REUNION GOAL!!


Like many of you, we are sad that we won’t be able to gather in person this June, but we look forward to our many fabulous in-person reunions to come. Donating to our class today is a tangible way to ensure that our next in person reunion (and all others to follow!) is more memorable, more accessible, and more meaningful to all in our class.  

So what’s our goal?? We are asking for individual donations of $116 to the Class of 2016, with a reunion goal to raise $6,000 total. This will meaningfully increase our ability to make our future in-person events more inclusive and accessible. We also recognize that this is a difficult time for many, and a gift of this size may not be feasible at this time. We appreciate all donations of any size, and also love seeing your support in other ways like helping to spread awareness of our goal. All gifts help get us closer to achieving our goal! 

Donate Here: 

*We're now at 55% post-Reunion! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.*


Why should I donate to our Class? 

The money you donate is invested via Wellesley's endowment, and the Class of 2016 receives a check every year for the annual interest of that investment. As more 2016'ers donate, we are able to invest more, harness the power of compounding interest over time, and in turn receive a larger check each year that we can use to benefit our class. Time is money, so donate today! 

To be clear, this would be a gift directly to our Class of 2016, not the broader Wellesley College. So what does this help fund? 

  1. Incredible in person reunion events: Typically, each class gets to plan their own dinner celebration. These can cost between $15-30k (i.e. think throwing a wedding reception for 600 people, with food, beverages, a rocking DJ, and decorations). This is funded in two ways: dinner tickets sales (which decrease accessibility) and by using funds from our 2016 Class Treasury.
  2. Reunion sponsorships for classmates: This money can be used to help sponsor fellow classmates to come to Wellesley for Reunion, allowing for a bigger and better celebration. 
  3. Year-round events: Funding can be used to sponsor events and Zoom gatherings throughout the year. Think in-person happy hours in different cities (hopefully this fall!), group classes & activities, larger mini reunions in different locations between milestone years, and so on.
  4. Class Gifts to Wellesley: Funds can be used for future gifts to the college from our class, such as endowment for a professor position, common room renovations, etc. 

For more info, check out our FAQs below or reach out to us if you have any questions. We aim to post an update of the progress towards our goal on the 16th of each month leading up to reunion. 

Donate Here: 

See you soon 2016!

Your Class Council

Shweta, Ann, Houda, Ariela, Scarlett, Anicia



FAQ 1: Doesn't the college provide funding for everything you just mentioned above?

Sadly, but understandably, no. The fundraising the college does & endowment resources are primarily directed at supporting current students and so we must self fund our own activities specific to our class.

FAQ 2: Do we invest the money ourselves?

No, we write a check once a year for donations we have collected, and that is sent to be professionally invested as part of the Wellesley Endowment (in equities, bonds, etc.). Specifically, we buy shares of the endowment, which in turn payout a set interest payment each year to shareholders. We do maintain a class checking account to hold cash for upcoming events. Each year, we receive an interest check for our shares and deposit it in the class checking account. The Class Council is responsible for planning the use of those funds and budgeting for upcoming events (milestone reunions, etc.). 

FAQ 3: Are these donations tax deductible?

Yes, the Wellesley College Class of 2016 is registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a private, non-profit 501(c)3. To request a duplicate copy of a gift receipt, please email Class of 2016 Treasurer Ann Martel at

FAQ 4: Wait, is this the same as a Class Lifetime Membership (CLM)?

Currently, donations of at least $116 are considered as a Class Lifetime Membership (CLM). CLMs are an alternative to annual class dues, instead working as a single donation to fund the class "nest egg." The Alumnae Office tracks CLM participation across classes, which is why we maintain the distinction. To be clear, everyone is a member of our class regardless of whether they've donated a CLM or not. If a CLM isn’t right for you today, know that we accept and greatly appreciate donations of any size! Every dollar helps get us closer to our goal.

FAQ 5: Can I make payments over time that add up to a CLM?

We would love to say yes, but unfortunately we don't have the infrastructure to support & track this today. We recommend a DIY approach instead, whereby you set aside/earmark a predetermined amount each month in your preferred manner of saving and donate a CLM once you are able to make the full payment. 

Donate Here: